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Japanesely Words

Updated 2007-04-20 07:44
うっかり adv. carelessly, heedlessly; negligently, thoughtlessly; inadvertently
きっかり adv. (Kata=キッカリ) exactly, precisely, in an accurate manner; flat
しっかり adv. tightly, firmly
すっかり adv. completely, wholly, totally; clean; quite
がっかり adv. despairingly, hopelessly, despondently
どっかり adv. heavily, in a weighty manner; in large measure, in large amount
ぽっかり empty, void, big hole
ちゃっかり adj. calculating, careful, shrewd; nervy, cheeky, impudent
かっきり adv. just, exactly, precisely
すっきり adv. cleanly, neat, neatly, tidily
てっきり adv. surely, doubtlessly, certainly, without a doubt
はっきり adv. (Kata=ハッキリ) clearly, plainly, distinctly, manifestly, unmistakably
ひっきり continually;
めっきり adv. remarkably, notably, exceptionally
どっきり adv. startlingly, shockingly
しゃっきり adv. firm, steadily, firmly
こっくり n. nap, light sleep, short sleep (usually during the day)
さっくり tender-crisp
しっくり adv. suitably, fittingly, appropriately; nicely, well, in a good manner; precisely, exactly
そっくり adv. all, altogether, entirely
とっくり n. (Kanji=徳利) sake bottle
ひっくり v. scare, frighten, alarm; spook, terrify
むっくり adv. suddenly, abruptly, rapidly
ゆっくり adv. slowly, at a low rate of speed, not quickly
がっくり adv. disappointingly, in a disappointing manner
ぎっくり strained (back)
ざっくり adv. roughly, crudely
じっくり adv. deliberately, carefully, intentionally
びっくり n. surprise, astonishment
ぱっくり n. biting into, sinking one's teeth into
ぷっくり well-padded
ぽっくり adv. suddenly, unexpectedly
しゃっくり n. (Kata=シャックリ) hiccup,
ひょっこり adv. by chance, unexpectedly, by accident
にっこり adv. cheerfully, smilingly
もっこり n. (Kata=モッコリ) erection
あっさり adv. (Kata=アッサリ) easily, without difficulty, lightly; quickly
ばっさり adv. briskly, quickly, energetically
がっしり adv. (Kata=ガッシリ) firmly, solidly, stably
ぎっしり adv. (Kata=ギッシリ) firmly, tightly; fully
ずっしり adv. heavily, profoundly, in a weighty manner
どっしり adv. massively, weightily, heavily, in a weighty manner
びっしり adv. tightly, densely; continuously, ceaselessly, without stopping
ぐっすり n. (Kata=グッスリ) sound asleep, slumbering deeply, fast asleep, sleeping deeply
こっそり adv. (Kata=コッソリ) stealthily, secretly, covertly, secretively
のっそり bovine
ひっそり adv. silently, quietly; reticently; secretly
ほっそり adj. slim, thin, slender; delicate, slight
げっそり adv. gauntly, in a thin and haggard manner
ごっそり adv. all, completely
ゆったり n. calm, peacefulness, quiet, tranquility; looseness, slackness, laxity
ぐったり adv. tiredly, wearily, in an exhausted manner
ばったり adv. suddenly, unexpectedly
べったり adv. closely, rigidly; intently, hard
ぱったり adv. suddenly, unexpectedly
ぴったり adv. (Kata=ピッタリ) precisely, exactly; in an orderly manner, neatly; sharp
かっちり adv. (Kata=カッチリ) tightly, firmly, tight; exactly
きっちり adv. (Kata=キッチリ) precisely, exactly; tightly; sharp
みっちり adv. strictly, severely; absolutely, completely
むっちり n. chubbiness, plumpness, fatness, pudginess
がっちり adj. (Kata=ガッチリ) solidly built; shrewd, calculating, clever
ばっちり adv. (Kata=バッチリ) flawlessly, perfectly; properly, correctly
ぱっちり adv. (Kata=パッチリ) widely
むっつり adj. (Kata=ムッツリ) sullen, morose, sulky
ぼってり adj. plump, chubby, corpulent
しっとり adv. moistly, damply; elegantly, gracefully
ねっとり adv. stickily, adhesively
のっとり n. (Kanji=乗っ取り) take over, hijack, skyjacking
べっとり adv. closely, rigidly
きっぱり adv. (Kata=キッパリ) clearly, plainly, distinctly
さっぱり adj. (Kata=サッパリ) clean, neat; honest, frank; feeling refreshed; feeling relieved; trimmedadv. (Kata=サッパリ) not at all, not one bit; at all; entirely, altogether
つっぱり n. (Kanji=突っ張り) prop, strut, support, bar, thrust
ひっぱり v. (Kanji=引っ張る) pull, draw, drag
やっぱり adv. independently, absolutely; still, also; as I thought
ちょっぴり n. very little bit, smidgen, wee bit, tiny bit
たっぷり adv. fully, totally, entirely, wholly, completely
とっぷり adv. fully, wholly, entirely
がっぷり adv. (Kata=ガップリ) firmly, sturdily; resolutely
どっぷり adv. fully, wholly, entirely
のっぺり n. flat, level surface
すっぽり adv. entirely, totally, completely, absolutely
ほっぽり v. cast away, throw away, toss away; neglect, ignore
がっぽり adv. much, a great deal