Japanese Vocab - Kyuudo Terms

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Eight Steps of ShootingShaho Hassetsu
1). Ashibumi1). setting the feet
2). Dozukuri2). creating the posture
3). Yugamae3). setting the grip
4). Uchiokoshi4). raising the bow
5). Hikiwake5). drawing the bow
6). Kai6). full draw
7). Hanare7). Release
8). Zanshin8). Remaining spirit


Question Answer
ateruTo strike or to hit.
ataruTo be struk or to hit.
ensoThe aspect of a circle. Enso refers to the “round" feeling of calm, natural shooting. It is highly prized since it is evidence of spiritual maturity.
azuchiTarget blank
hayaArrows with feathers that curve to the left
otoyaArrows with feathers that curve to the right
yugakekyudo glove
mitsugakethree-finger glove
yotsugakefour-finger glove


Question Answer
morogakefive-finger glove
bushakeithe shooting style of the foot soldier
kishakei the style of the mounted archer; ceremonial style
shamen no kamae(oblique stance) which is most often associated with Heki Ryu
shomen no kamae (frontal stance) commonly used by Ogasawara Ryu and Honda Ryu
shitagakea cotton under-glove
momeian ancient measurement for thickness of string/rope; common measurements are 1.6, 1.8, and 2.0
tsurubow string
tsurumakistring holder - The tsurumaki is a woven rattan holder for spare bowstrings. A small powder horn for giriko is often attached to the tsurumaki.
yumigata-kyoseikishaping block - made of soft wood and are usually available in pairs, large and small. They are used to keep a bamboo yumi in good shape.
waraji used in conjunction with kusune to condition a natural string. The pad is coated with kusune, and when rubbed over the string the friction melts the kusune which then helps to re-bind loosened fibers.


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yazutsuquiver; arrow case - Better quality yazutsu are made of woven rattan, and use a pair of decorative tassels to secure the separate top section.
yumibukurobow wrap - made from cloth or silk and are usually quite decorative. They also serve the purpose of protecting the yumi from scratches.
kakebukuroglove bag - A cloth or silk bag used to protect the leather yugake.
muneatechest protector - made of leather or open mesh and is used only by women. They are available in white or black.
kusunepine-resin - softens when heated and is used to bind the loosened fibers of a hemp tsuru.
girikoglove powder - a type of rosin that is applied to the thumb of the shooting glove to keep the fingers from slipping during shooting.
fudekogrip powder - made of fine ash and is used to reduce moisture on the hands and grip during shooting.