Japanese Midterm Adv

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Section 1

Question Answer
x(ますx)がいがある ・ (たx)かいがあるx is worth doing (was worth doing)
なんだかんだ言って、no matter what you say, / regardless of that,
とにかくxat any rate, either way,
xことになるit ends up that, it means that
x たところで yy happens even though x happened (x did nothing)
先が見えているi can see the end / i see no hope
x同士mutually x (a noun)
性に合わないnot suiting to one's personality
せっかくxxのにeven though subject went through all the trouble of doing x,
たとえて言うならmetaphorically/figuratively speaking,
xた途端、急にas soon as x, suddenly...
x(plain form v)以上as long as / now that x,
x(ますx)つつあるin the process of x happening/doing x
あまりにもxxのでi was so x that....
きっぱり(と)to do with determination, "once and for all"
xと言っても過言ではないit is no exaggeration to say x
そろそろit's almost/about time
いきなりabruptly, w/o notice
x(plain form v)かのようにas if x, as though x
x(vないstem)ざるを得ないcannot help x-ing
なにしろyou see..... [reasons]
いつの間にかbefore anyone knew it/knows it, [surprise]
ぴったりfitting/suiting perfectly
まれにしかxないrarely x
思うようにas one wishes, as though it was what one wished
禁じられているto be forbidden to do something
どう見てもxno matter how i see it, x
x(ますx)込むto do x deeply
x(noun)にすぎないto be nothing but x, to be merely x
x~て見せるwill do x and show you (prove you wrong, indignant)

Section 2

Question Answer
依存izon, dependence
依頼irai, request
価値観kachikan, sense of value
犠牲gisei, sacrifice
築くkizuku, to establish
kizuna, bonds between people
教訓kyoukun, lesson/moral
愚痴guchi, idle complaints
固定的koteiteki, fixed
国境kokkyou, border
寿kotobuki, something to be celebrated
情熱jyounetsu, passion
尽くすtsukusu, to devote oneself
対等taitou, an equal
途端totan, as soon as
戸惑うtomadou, to be puzzled
反動handou, counteraction
夢中muchuu, to fall for, to be in a daze/trance
両立ryouritsu, to be compatible
愛用するaiyousuru, to use regularly
怪しいayashii, suspicious/doubtful
埋め合わせるumeawaseru, to make up for
概要gaiyou, outline
形見katami, keepsake
企てるkawadateru, to plot
時効jikou, statue of limitations
諸言shogen, testimony
推定suitei, estimate
推理suiri, to speculate
捜査sousa, investigation
怒鳴るdonaru, to yell
nazo, mystery
不規則fukizoku, irregular
不審なfushinna, suspicious
任せるmakaseru, to entrust
矛盾mujuun, contradiction
目撃mokugeki, witness
実感jikkan, to feel something completely

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