Japan Quiz

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Question Answer
Resumetool to define one's qualifications in order to get a job
Social structuresocial pyramid- grouping people based on their occupation
Ethnocentricto think that your country and culture is better than others
Bushido (showing respect)A code of honor associated with the samurai
Cultural Diffusionthe spread of culture from one place to another
Assimilationtaking culture, adopting it, and blending it with your own ideas
Constitutiona plan of government
Antiquitythe ancient past
Tumultmaking a loud and confused noise
Isolateto seperate
Jesuitis a religious order of Catholics whose initial goal was to convert others- the spread of Jesus
Missionarya person who works to spread their religion
Convertsto go from one religion to another
Zen BuddhismForm of Buddhism that values meditation to become enlightened
SeppukuRitual suicide used by samurai to regain their honor
Koanparadoxical statements or questions
Enlightenmentthe final blessed state, free of suffering and desire
Buddahoodthe goal of enlightenment accomplished when becoming a Buddha

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