Jane Eyre - Chapters 1 - 4

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Question Answer
What is your first impression of Jane Eyre?Tolerant, respectful, smart, no self-esteem, knows her bitch
What is the relationship between the setting, particularly the weather, at Gateshead and Jane's character?Sad and depressed vs. gloomy and dark
What is Jane's station in life?Less than a servant
How does Mrs. Reed treat Jane?Treats her as a servant; doesn't bully her but doesn't treat her like family
What happens in the red room?Jane thinks she sees the ghost of Mr. Reed and faints. Jane tells her aunt she will take any punishment as long as she doesn't have to go back to the red room?
What do we learn about Jane's mother?She was a part of the wealthy Reed family; she dies of typhus fever
Why did Jane's mother get written out of her family will?Her family didn't approve of Jane's father, a clergyman.
What attribute seems most important when describing Jane and Georgina?Their physical appearance; Abbot calls Jane an ugly little toad
Why did Jane say "I was a discord in Gateshead Hall? Do you agree with her statement?Yes. She was bullied and excluded in the house. Jane is also put lower than the servants so she doesn't fit in.
What are Jane's views of poverty?Poverty is sad and dreary?
Is poverty synonymous with degradation?NO.
What is important about the statement "Human beings must love something"? Who made this comment?The comment is important because it shows that Jane still has faith in love even though it has betrayed her in life.
What is your impression of Mr. Brocklehurst?My impression is that he is kind
How does Mrs. Reed describe Jane to Mr. Brocklehurst? How does Jane react?She describes Jane as a deceitful child. She was confused and bewildered.
What does it mean when Mrs. Reed says Jane is passionate?No answer on Maari's paper
How does Jane's relationship with the Reeds change in the first four chapters? What character development does this suggest?Jane becomes more isolated. No comment on Maari's paper related to character development