James 1 1-2 review

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Section 1

Question Answer
james was the ________ of Jesus half-brother
James describes himself as been a _______bond servant
bond servant in greek doulos
slave by birth doulos
becomes slave andrapadon
the twelve tribes referred to nation of Israel
greek word for greetings chairin
chairin means rejoice , by happy

Section 2

Question Answer
to test the strength of our _____faith
to ___us humble
to ____ us from the world wean
to ____ us heavenly hope give
to _____ what we really love reveal
to _____ God's blessings value
to ____ strength for better things develop
to _____ help other is trials better

Section 3

Question Answer
God will always use trials for _______ and ________for good/ his glory
greek word for "when" noton
noton means it will happen
greek word for "various" poikilos
poikilos means colored, many kinds

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