IYB 3 Polity

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IYB Polity

Question Answer
National Authority, Chemical Weapons Convention(NACWC) was set up by ?a resolution of Cabinet Secretariat - now there is a CWC act
What is a Project Monitoring Group ?Institutional mechanism for resolving a variety of issues including fast tracking of approvals for setting up an expeditious commissioning of large Public, Private and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project (related to both state and Union government)
Monitoring Group(PMG) was first set up in June 2013 under ?cabinet secretariat
PMG is presently functioning under ?Prime Minister's Office
‘Civil Services Day’ is celebrated on ?April 21
On the occasion of Civil Services Day of PMs award for excellence in pub ad 2016 awards were conferred to the 10 best performing districts for excellence done in implementation of which four priority programmes ?Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna, Swachh Bharat Gramin, Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan and Soil Health Care Scheme
For the PMs award for excellence in pub ad awards to be presented on Civil Services Day, 2017, the identified priority programmes are ?“Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana”, “Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana”, “Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana”, “Start up India/ Stand up India ” and “e-National Agriculture Market (e-NAM)
The application for the PMs award for excellence in pub ad award is evaluated by ?The Screening Committee chaired by the Additional Secretary level officer, Expert Committee chaired by Secretary, Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances and the Empowered Committee chaired by the Cabinet Secretary
Who makes the final recommendations for consideration of PM for final selection of awards ? The Empowered Committee
The provision for setting up an Inter-State Council is mentioned in which Article ofthe Constitution ?263
Under the pursuance of the recommendation made by which Commission on Centre-State Relations, the Inter-State Council was set up in 1990 through a Presidential Order ?Sarkaria Commission
The Inter-State Council (ISC) is a what type of body ?recommendatory
Who is the chairman of the council ?Prime Minister
Who are the members of the council ?Chief Ministers of all the states and Union Territories having Legislative Assemblies, Administrators of Union Territories not having Legislative Assemblies, Governors of States under President’s rule and six ministers of Cabinet rank in the Union Council of Ministers, nominated by the Chairman ofthe Council
The decisions of Council are decided by ?consensus and the decision of the Chairman as to the consensus is final
Based on the recommendation of the ISC, which body was constituted inthe year 1996 for continuous consultation and processing of matters for the consideration ofthe Council ?The Standing Committee of the Inter-State Council
How many zonal councils are present ?Northern Zonal Council, Central Zonal Council, Eastern Zonal Council, Western Zonal Council and Southern Zonal Council
Zonal Councils were set up via ?Part III of the States Re-organisation Act, 1956
What are objectives of zonal councils ?national integration; arresting the growth of acute State consciousness, regionalism, linguism and particularistic tendencies; enabling the Centre and the States to cooperate and exchange ideas and experiences; and establishing a climate of co-operation amongst the States for successful and speedy execution of development projects.
The Zonal Council for each zone consist of ?(i) Chairman (ii) Vice-Chairman (iii) Members (iv) Advisers
Who is the chairman of Zonal Council ?The Union Home Minister is the Chairman of each of these Councils
Who is the vice chairman of a zonal council ?The Chief Minister of the State included in each zone act as ViceChairman of the Zonal Council for that zone by rotation, each holding office for a period of one year at a time
Who are the members of a zonal council ?Chief Minister and two other ministers as nominated by the Governor from each of the States and two members from Union Territories included in the zone
Who are the advisers of zonal council ?: One person nominated by the Planning Commission for each of the zonal councils, chief secretaries and another Officer/ Development Commissioner nominated by each ofthe States included in the Zone
Each zonal council has set up which institution for monitoring implementation of recommendations of the concerned Council as also for screening and scrutinizing agenda items to be placed before the respective Zonal Council ?Standing Committee
Standing committee consists of ?Chief Secretaries of the States of the respective zones
Who determines the place for meeting of council ?As determined by council itself - but since 1963, a single secretariat is looking after the affairs of all Zonal Councils and is functioning from New Delhi
The second Commission on Centre-State relations deliberated on the functioning of the Zonal Councils and inter alia recommended that the Zonal Councils should meet at least ?twice a year
The work of the Zonal Council Secretariat was transferred to which secratariat in 2011 by the Ministry ofHome Affairs ?Inter-State Council Secretariat