IYB 2 National Symbols

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National Symbols

Question Answer
The colours Saffron,white and green represents ?Sacrifice, Peace and Prosperity
The ratio of Width to length of Indian flag is ?2:3
The Navy blue wheel is taken from ?the abacus of sarnath lion of Ashoka - 24 spokes
When was the national flag of India adopted by Indian Consitutional Assembly ?22nd July 1947 ie before independence
Which rules or laws govern display of National flag by general public ?Emblems and Names - prevention of improper use act 1950 and other laws
The State emblem is adopted from ?Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka
Which animals are present in the emblem ?Lion,Elephant, galloping horse and bull
The capital is made of ?single sandstone
When was emblem adopted ?26th Jan 1950
The Word satyameva jayate is from ?Mundoka Upanishad
The National Anthem Jana gana mana was originally written in ?Bengali
The National Anthem Jana gana mana was written by ?Rabindranath Tagore
The Original Jana Gana Mana had how many stanzas ?5
Which part of Jana Gana Mana is National Anthem ?1st Hindi part
What is the duration of National Anthem ?52 secs
The National Anthem was adopted on ?24th Jan 1950
When was the National Anthem first sung ?27th December 1911 - kolkata session of INC
The National Song is ?Vande Mataram
The National Song was written by ?Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
The National song is written in which language ?Sanskrit
Bankim Chandra Chatterjee's most famous novel is ?Anand Math
When was the National song first sung ?at 1896 session of INC by Rabindranath Tagore
Who came up with a statement about importance of National Song and when ?President Dr Rajendra Prasad on 24 Jan 1950
Has the National song been formally adopted ?No
Why has the National song not been formally adopted ?Its for goddess durga - religious sentiments
The National Calendar of India is based on ?Shaka era
The Shaka era started on ?78 CE
What is the Chaitra month ?1st month of a year having 365 days
1st chaitra falls on ?22nd or 21st March
When was calendar adopted ?22nd March 1957 along with gregorian calendar
The beginning of the Shaka era is now widely equated to ?the ascension of the Shaka Western Satrap ruler Chashtana

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