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Question Answer
Alamgirpur Meerut District Uttar Pradesh IndiaImpression of cloth on trough
Khirasara Kutch district Gujarat India Ware House, industrial area, gold, copper, semi precious stone, shell objects and weight hoards.
Malwan Surat District Gujarat India Southernmost Harappan site in India.23
Karanpura near Bhadra Hanumangarh district Rajasthan India Wesern mound called citadel Skeleton of child, terracotta like pottery, bangles, seals similar to other Harappan sites.
Kerala-no-dhoro or Padri Saurashtra Gujarat India Salt production centre, by evaporating sea water.19
Amri, Sindh Dadu District Sindh Pakistan Remains of rhinoceros.
Manda, Jammu Jammu District Jammu & Kashmir India Northern most Harappan site in Himalayan foothills.22
Bet Dwarka Devbhoomi Dwarka district Gujarat India Late Harappan seal, inscribed jar, the mould of coppersmith, a copper fishhook.910
Farmana Rohtak District Haryana India Largest burial site of IVC, with 65 burials, found in India.
Baror Sri Ganganagar district Rajasthan India Human skeleton, ornaments, 5 meter long and 3 meter clay oven, a pitcher filled with 8000 pearls.8
Mohenjo-Daro Larkana District Sindh Pakistan Mohenjodaro Sindh.jpeg Great Bath (the biggest bath ghat), great granary, bronze dancing girl, bearded man, terracotta toys, bull seal, Pashupati seal, three cylindrical seals of the Mesopotamian type, a piece of woven cloth.
Harappa Sahiwal District Punjab Pakistan Miniature Votive Images or Toy Models from Harappa, ca. 2500. Hand-modeled terra-cotta figurines with polychromy. Granaries, coffin burial, lot of artefacts, important Indus Valley Civilization town, first town which is excavated and studied in detail.
Dholavira Kutch District Gujarat India Water reservoir, Dholavira Figure of chariot tied to a pair of bullocks and driven by a nude human, water harvesting and number of reservoirs, use of rocks for constructions.
Kunal, Haryana Fatehabad District Haryana India Earliest Pre-Harappan site, copper smelting.20
Balu, Haryana kaithal Haryana India Earliest evidence of garlic.6
Kot Bala Lasbela District Balochistan Pakistan Earliest evidence of furnace and seaport.
Mehrgarh Kachi District Balochistan Pakistan Earliest agricultural community
Jognakhera Kurukshetra Haryana India Copper smelting furnaces with copper slag and pot shards.
Kaj Gir Somnath District Gujarat India Ceramic artifacts, including bowls. It is also an ancient port.
Sanauli26 Baghpat District Uttar Pradesh India Burial site with 125 burials found. The burial pits have been found with chariots that date back to the Bronze Age India.
Surkotada Kutch District Gujarat India Bones of a horse (only site).
Chanhudaro Nawabshah District Sindh Pakistan Bead making factory, use of lipstick,11 only Indus site without a citadel.
Lothal Ahmedabad District Gujarat India The drainage system at Lothal Bead making factory, dockyard, button seal, fire altars, painted jar, earliest cultivation of rice (1800 BCE).
Banawali Fatehabad District Haryana India Barley, terracotta figure of plough.
Sutkagan Dor Makran Balochistan Pakistan Bangles of clay, Westernmost known site of IVC.
Kalibangan Hanumangarh District Rajasthan India Baked/burnt bangles, fire altars, Shiva Lingam, small circular pits containing large urns and accompanied by pottery, bones of camel.