ITIL Service Strategy

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Service Strategy

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Service StrategyDefine the perspective, position, plans and patterns that a service provider needs to be able to execute in order to meet an organizations business outcomes.
StrategyA complex set of planning activities in which an organization seeks to move from one situation to another in response to a number of internal and external variables.
Business Relationship ManagementEstablish and maintain the relationship between service provider and customer based on understanding their needs. With the goal of meeting the evolving needs of the customer. Measured via customer satisfaction.
Demand ManagementUnderstanding and influencing customer demand for services. Works with Capacity Management to ensure capacity meets demand
Financial ManagementSecure funding for IT services and control expenditures by balancing quality with cost and avoiding commitments to unprofitable services. Budgeting(for future and current expenses. Accounting(where is the money going). Chargeback(billing for service)
Strategy GenerationPlanning service strategically by Defining the Market, Developing Offerings, Developing strategic assets and Measuring and preparation for the implementation of the strategy.
Service Portfolio ManagementSPM: Ensuring the appropriate mix of services are available to meet customer requirements. Services are clearly defined and linked to business outcomes.
4P's of Strategy(determine) Perspective - (form) Positions - (craft and execute) Plans - (adopt action) Patterns
Service PackageCan be a package of one or more services. Includes the core service package which is the set of enabling and (optional)enhancing services that make the core services available.
Service Level PackageBalancing Utility and Warranty demands. Availability/Continuity/Capacity/Security Levels with the Features and level of support of the service.
Service AssetsResources and capabilities
Types of BRM'sType I - Internal single-dept, Type II - Internal multi-dept(Shared SP), Type III - Externally provided service.

Service Portfolio Management (Strategy)

Question Answer
SPMPart of Service Strategy
Service PortfolioComplete set of services offered
Service PipelinePlanned future services
Service CatalogCurrent IT services, including Customer-facing and Support(internal-facing) services
RetirementAll retired IT services
TTB GTB RTBTransform The Business - Grow The Business - Run The Business
Determining ServicesDefine (business case) - Analyze (optimize value and determine supply/demand) - Approve(funding/assets secured) - Charter (authorization of work-start)

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