Italian Translation Itineraries

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Question Answer
Classical Poet in favour of sense-to-sense translationCicero
First English BibleWycliffe
The King who commissioned the Authorized Version of the BibleJames I
French term used to indicate extreme literalityTranscodage
Relativist theory of translation associated with Hans Vermeer and Cristiane NordSkopos
Who categorized translation as Imitation, Paraphrase or Metaphrase?Dryden
First complete English-language treatise on translation theoryTytler
Father of modern linguisticsFerdinand de Saussure
A theory of language, in order to be strong has to be......predictive
Preponderance of adjectives, articles, nouns and phrases in a textNominalisation
Text full of clauses, verbs, adverbs and conjunctionsVerbalisation
Language used to establish, continue or interrupt contactPhatic language
Who coined the term "linguistic relativity"?Benjamin Lee Whorf
Movement in the US and Britain that promotes language semplificationPlain English movement
Technical term in stylistics that denotes a figurative use of meaningFigure of speech
Noam Chomsky's theoryUniversal grammar theory
Dryden's three approaches to translationParaphrase, metaphrase, imitation
US scholars generally associated with Linguistic RelativityWhorf, Sapir
Two structures introduced by Noam ChomskyDeep structure, surface structure
What does the Ngram Viewer measure?Frequency (?)
American Linguist associated with the terms foreignization and domesticationVenuti
CATComputer Aided Translation
Father of French translation theoryEtienne Dolet
The Literalist School of translation is associated with the brother of which famous British satirical writer and historian?Carlyle
French translation theorists precursors of Nida and NewmarkVinay, Darbelnet
CAT tool that shows words in their contextDéjà Vu
Metaphor that is overused and usually to be avoidedCliché
20th century author who translated Verga into EnglishD.H. Lawrence
Sentences are usually classified into three typessimple sentences, complex sentences, compound sentences
One-word metaphorSimple metaphor (Newmark)
Multiple-word metaphorComplex metaphor (Newmark)
Habitual co-occurrence of words like "to commit a crime"collocation
Expressions which have a conventionally accepted form like "cat and dog" and not "dog and cat"collocations
SL and TLSource and target languages
TropeSemantic figure of speech