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[Newly discovered online content] online exercises and explanations swiss italian tv website Has a forum where others share useful info also more internet sites here:;
recipes: games are good
recipes: Panettone
clicable dictionary for online content:
Pronunciation of words, many languages, including Italian: follow "I Have Been There": diaries of Italians and theirs tours around the world
samples of how an Italian word is used, although the examples are somewhat obscure (with English translations) :
[] About the great things one can see in Italy, where the articles are available in Italian and English, so if there is something you don't understand, just switch between the two. A website for Italians to self-publish and sell their books
  "I sanniti: un popolo cancellato dalla Storia ...cenni storici sul territorio ed alcune cose da sapere sul Molise. di Domenico di Stasio costs money

Italian online content, comprehensive list of content related to Italy, the country, the people, the language,etc:
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Language learning workbook online:

Audio of children's fairy tales, google search: le audiofiabe
Audiofiabe per bambini di Walter DonegĂ  --iTunes only--free---
Audio storie (Grimm fiabe sonore) Fratelli Grimm: audio and text:
childrens books in multiple languages:

online stories and games for children (or adults learning Italian!):

La nave di Clo written text and audio books, learning games:
lots of content:
la vita di Cristoforo Colombo:
viaggio in Italia:
su e giu` per l'Italia:

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Dual Language Italian/English magazine( some versions of articles also have sound/video):
frigolight (vocab in frigo)

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