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online italian search engines:, www. google/

online forums and general blogs in italian: ----- Let's Learn Italian: Impariamo l'italiano (impariamo> we learn) see the section: Lezioni gratuite (tourist board);

online grammar blogs:

follow Serena, an italian teaching italian in Italy, at encyclopedia an italian language blog written in italian.

Italian language exercises online for free: search term: "Italiano per Stranieri" (list of websites with language learning content) (exercises) ( another memory game, but not as effective, as it keeps repeating the words you have already mastered) (beginners course)

"l'italiano in familia" lessons:

Question Answer
website image
memorize (video story of a family living in Brescia) well organized and lots of content


(tip: I have two computer monitors*, one to use to watch the show while the other use to open up the dialogue transcript and follow along which watching the video.)


Vocab: to learn the words for these lessons I primarily look at the green and red booklets, or in the memorization exercises at the bottom of the lesson page. "Videovocabolario, " and "Giochiamo con le parole." Also, I practice learning the alphabet, numbers, pronunciation, and additional words at tabs under "Fonologia" at Percorso 1.
Percorso 2, , includes a blue workbook with lessons, and a game to learn "idioms" at bottom of the page, "Modi di dire."

Online Italian lessons, with written and audio exercises:

-Written by a group of germans, this is organized in an easy to follow format, and gives a good explanation in particular to the modal verb forms with infinitives, with easy to understand charts. Also explains the concept of when to use the auxiliary verbs, "essere" and "avere," the reasoning behind when to use them, not always explained by other teachers.
link here:

Italian phrases, dictionaries, translating software, grammars, etc..
list of all Italian language dictionaries online;
-The two online dictionaries that I use:
WordReference,  which also has a forum for asking questions, easy to understand definitions, and a graphic of the conjugations. They recently no longer carry the Oxford dictionary, and since is not as good. The word forum, however is helpful., which has both an English-Italian dictionary, but more importantly, has an all Italian dictionary with many many examples, especially for verbs, such as the modal verbs, in all their variety. It also gives sinomi (synonms) too, which helps you build a circle of words that are related. 
Italian Idioms (book)
"2001 Italian and English Idioms, 2nd Edition," Daniela Gobetti, et al, Lib. card cat. number: 453.21 T9308 1996
list of common idioms:
loit of false friends : (log in required)

Italian Grammar Charts depicting the elements of grammar: ... iusi_2.pdf

Grammar and workbooks:

grammar and workbook by Anna Proudfoot, library as a downloadable ebook. Without her explanations of the nuances of the use of verbs.
"Italian Sentence Builder," by Paola Nanni-Tate,
"Italian Pronouns and Prepositions," by Daniela Gibetti, very useful, a real workout and organized with a chart at the back.
"English Grammar for students of Italian," by Sergio Adorni, which has a simple visual diagram of the construction of an italian sentence.
Scham's outlines, "Italian vocabulary 2nd ed.," by Luigi Bonaffini. Lib # 458.3421 B6402s c2002 for Italian I & II, and intermediate italian. Written by a native Italian speaker, and a teacher of Italian, with dialog, narrative, stories, written in the verb tenses used for each, from voice of 1st person, 3rd person, etc.

Popular Italian Language self-teaching -- some online, some from library, with audio tapes:


Michel Thomas is useful for understanding the use of pronouns and for explanations of verb tenses
here is the link to the transcipt for the older tapes
link to dialogue transcript of newer tapes:


-Online language programs for free.."mango languages,"
Another library-based-online program is Powerspeak, by Gale.


Itanian course online-


BBC learning the Italian language series is online, requires registering (free) as a user before playing the videos: and transcipts there are lots of different options here, so explore the site.
For the mystery series, note: you must return to the "episodes" page to select the next episode each time.
If there isn't any video showing, reload the page between episodes. You can turn subtitles on and off, and switch between English and Italian, by selecting the "S" and then "Italian" along the bottom of the video screen. This will change the dialogue box on the side from English to Italian, which is great, as you will be able to see the italian words as they are spoken. You must make these selections after you start the episode, and do this for each episode, the program does not remember your settings from episode to episode.


Pimsleur This is an almost all oral program, not much in the way of a text, and no transcript. I have used it off and on, practice pronunciation and to repeat the lessons on certain aspects of the language, such as the use of pronouns.

online books in italian, dual language (Italian and English) or a about the italian language
If you want the full gambit of dirty words and phrases, there is "Merda!: the real Italian you were never taught in school / Roland Delicio; illustrated by Kim Wilson, New York: Plume, c1993." library call no. 457.09, D379m. The author does not hold back.
Dual language books online: has a few dual books online, including the first chapter of Pinocchio (perhaps they will add more chapters in the future???)
example, Pinocchio:

Italian Readers:

Check your library, there are "readers" that have italian on one side, english translation on the other
"Easy Italian Reader" series, a progression of books, each with a CD. McGraw Hill publisher.

For an explanation of pronunciation, where exactly to place your tongue for example when trying to produce an italian sounding "t" or "d":
"A Handbook of Diction for Singers" by David Adams, Lib. #784.9 Ad17h

Books in English about Italian culture or about living in Italy:

For a look into the life of an englishman and his italian family: Tim Parks, " Italian Neighbors," " An Italian Education," and about following one of the italian soccer teams, " A Season with Verona," he's very funny. He will introduce you to italian words, and italian phrases Word List 4 and more than their literal translation, will show you the meaning to italians.

Italian Book sellers: available for purchase in the US.

For an explanation of the steps, the process of learning any language

"Teaching English Worldwide," Alta Professional Series, by Paul Lindsay, Lib congress card catalog # 428.24 L6452t This is a useful reference for me when I am discouraged, as it lays out the steps needed to teach/learn a language. "Recognition, Denotation, Connotation, etc... It's written in simple language, as one would hope for a book such as this...
"The Common European Framework of Reference" is the "A-1 to C-2" system explained, google it.
CILS certification programs:

Films/ TV: ~

for italian film reviews, there is:
PBS international mysteries:
show such as "Vivaldi" (a "columbo" type detective), OR "IL Polpo, The Octopus,"
Italian soap operas; Here is a link to the Un posto al sole (A Place in the Sun) website.
you can watch episodes from here:
and for a background on the story:
  -This is the RAI TV site:
These videos can be watched from a computer, but only if you have Microsoft silverlight, which is annoying if, like me, you would like to watch on your TV through the Google TV set-top box. I hope this changes.

Italian music lyrics translated:
amore: song: "Amo Solo Te" link to Youtube video