Italian Adjectives

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Question Answer
spiacentesorry S
spiacentisorry P


Question Answer
frittofried MS
frittifried MP
frittafried FS
frittefried FP

Food 2

Question Answer
dolcesweet S
dolcisweet P
acidoacidic MS
acidiacidic MP
acidaacidic FS
acideacidic FP


Question Answer
azzurrosky blue MS
azzurrisky blue MP
azzurrasky blue FS
azzurresky blue FP
coloratocolorful MS
coloraticolorful MP
coloratacolorful FS
coloratecolorful FP
grigiogrey MS
grigigrey MP
grigiagrey FS
grigiegrey FP
marronebrown S
marronibrown P
neroblack MS
neriblack MP
nerablack FS
nereblack FP
verdegreen S
verdigreen P
arancioneorange S
arancioniorange P
biancowhite MS
bianchiwhite MP
biancawhite FS
bianchewhite FP
gialloyellow MS
gialliyellow MP
giallayellow FS
gialleyellow FP
rossored MS
rossired MP
rossared FS
rossered FP


Question Answer
enormehuge S
enormihuge P
grandebig S
grandibig P
piccolosmall MS
piccolismall MP
piccolasmall FS
piccolesmall FP
doppiodouble MS
doppidouble MP
doppiadouble FS
doppiedouble FP


Question Answer
limpidoclear MS
limpidiclear MP
limpidaclear FS
limpideclear FP

Adjectives 1

Question Answer
bellobeautiful MS (no noun)
belbeautiful MS (with noun starting with most consonants)
bell'beautiful MS (with noun starting with vowel)
bellobeautiful MS (with "lo" noun)
bellibeautiful MP (no noun)
beibeautiful MP (with noun starting with most consonants)
beglibeautiful MP (with noun starting with vowel)
beglibeautiful MP (with "lo" noun)
bellabeautiful FS (no noun)
bellabeautiful FS (with noun starting with consonant)
bell'beautiful FS (with noun starting with vowel)
bellebeautiful FP
diversodifferent MS
diversidifferent MP
diversadifferent FS
diversedifferent FP
impossibileimpossible S
impossibiliimpossible P
nuovonew MS
nuovinew MP
nuovanew FS
nuovenew FP
possibilepossible S
possibilipossible P
stessosame MS
stessisame MP
stessasame FS
stessesame FP
vecchioold MS
vecchiold MP
vecchiaold FS
vecchieold FP
altotall MS
altitall MP
altatall FS
altetall FP
bassoshort MS
bassishort MP
bassashort FS
basseshort FP
bravogood MS
bravigood MP
bravagood FS
bravegood FP
buonogood MS (no noun)
buongood MS (with noun starting with most consonants)
buongood MS (with noun starting with vowel)
buonogood MS (with "lo" noun)
buonigood MP
buonagood FS (no noun)
buonagood FS (with noun starting with consonant)
buon'good FS (with noun starting with vowel)
buonegood FP
internazionaleinternational S
internazionaliinternational P
nazionalenational S
nazionalinational P
carodear/expensive MS
caridear/expensive MP
caradear/expensive FS
caredear/expensive FP
economicoinexpensive/economic MS
economiciinexpensive/economic MP
economicainexpensive/economic FS
economicheinexpensive/economic FP
famosofamous MS
famosifamous MP
famosafamous FS
famosefamous FP
gratuitofree/gratuitous MS
gratuitifree/gratuitous MP
gratuitafree/gratuitous FS
gratuitefree/gratuitous FP
liberofree MS
liberifree MP
liberafree FS
liberefree FP
riccorich MS
ricchirich MP
riccarich FS
riccherich FP
stranieroforeign MS
stranieriforeign MP
stranieraforeign FS
straniereforeign FP