Italian Adjectives

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Question Answer
spiacentesorry S
spiacentisorry P


Question Answer
frittofried MS
frittifried MP
frittafried FS
frittefried FP

Food 2

Question Answer
dolcesweet S
dolcisweet P
acidoacidic MS
acidiacidic MP
acidaacidic FS
acideacidic FP


Question Answer
azzurrosky blue MS
azzurrisky blue MP
azzurrasky blue FS
azzurresky blue FP
coloratocolorful MS
coloraticolorful MP
coloratacolorful FS
coloratecolorful FP
grigiogrey MS
grigigrey MP
grigiagrey FS
grigiegrey FP
marronebrown S
marronibrown P
neroblack MS
neriblack MP
nerablack FS
nereblack FP
verdegreen S
verdigreen P
arancioneorange S
arancioniorange P
biancowhite MS
bianchiwhite MP
biancawhite FS
bianchewhite FP
gialloyellow MS
gialliyellow MP
giallayellow FS
gialleyellow FP
rossored MS
rossired MP
rossared FS
rossered FP


Question Answer
enormehuge S
enormihuge P
grandebig S
grandibig P
piccolosmall MS
piccolismall MP
piccolasmall FS
piccolesmall FP
doppiodouble MS
doppidouble MP
doppiadouble FS
doppiedouble FP


Question Answer
limpidoclear MS
limpidiclear MP
limpidaclear FS
limpideclear FP

Adjectives 1

Question Answer
bellobeautiful MS (no noun)
belbeautiful MS (with noun starting with most consonants)
bell'beautiful MS (with noun starting with vowel)
bellobeautiful MS (with "lo" noun)
bellibeautiful MP (no noun)
beibeautiful MP (with noun starting with most consonants)
beglibeautiful MP (with noun starting with vowel)
beglibeautiful MP (with "lo" noun)
bellabeautiful FS (no noun)
bellabeautiful FS (with noun starting with consonant)
bell'beautiful FS (with noun starting with vowel)
bellebeautiful FP
diversodifferent MS
diversidifferent MP
diversadifferent FS
diversedifferent FP
impossibileimpossible S
impossibiliimpossible P
nuovonew MS
nuovinew MP
nuovanew FS
nuovenew FP
possibilepossible S
possibilipossible P
stessosame MS
stessisame MP
stessasame FS
stessesame FP
vecchioold MS
vecchiold MP
vecchiaold FS
vecchieold FP
altotall MS
altitall MP
altatall FS
altetall FP
bassoshort MS
bassishort MP
bassashort FS
basseshort FP
bravogood MS
bravigood MP
bravagood FS
bravegood FP
buonogood MS (no noun)
buongood MS (with noun starting with most consonants)
buongood MS (with noun starting with vowel)
buonogood MS (with "lo" noun)
buonigood MP
buonagood FS (no noun)
buonagood FS (with noun starting with consonant)
buon'good FS (with noun starting with vowel)
buonegood FP
internazionaleinternational S
internazionaliinternational P
nazionalenational S
nazionalinational P
carodear/expensive MS
caridear/expensive MP
caradear/expensive FS
caredear/expensive FP
economicoinexpensive/economic MS
economiciinexpensive/economic MP
economicainexpensive/economic FS
economicheinexpensive/economic FP
famosofamous MS
famosifamous MP
famosafamous FS
famosefamous FP
gratuitofree/gratuitous MS
gratuitifree/gratuitous MP
gratuitafree/gratuitous FS
gratuitefree/gratuitous FP
liberofree MS
liberifree MP
liberafree FS
liberefree FP
riccorich MS
ricchirich MP
riccarich FS
riccherich FP
stranieroforeign MS
stranieriforeign MP
stranieraforeign FS
straniereforeign FP
apertoopen MS
apertiopen MP
apertaopen FS
aperteopen FP
elettricoelectric MS
elettricielectric MP
elettricaelectric FS
elettricheelectric FP
importanteimportant S
importantiimportant P
modernomodern MS
modernimodern MP
modernamodern FS
modernemodern FP
popolarepopular S
popolaripopular P
quotidianodaily MS
quotidianidaily MP
quotidianadaily FS
quotidianedaily FP
utileuseful S
utiliuseful P
capacecapable S
capacicapable P
chiusoclosed MS
chiusiclosed MP
chiusaclosed FS
chiuseclosed FP
interessanteinteresting S
interessantiinteresting P
interessatointerested MS
interessatiinterested MP
interessatainterested FS
interessateinterested FP
perfettoperfect MS
perfettiperfect MP
perfettaperfect FS
perfetteperfect FP
specialespecial S
specialispecial P
unicoonly MS
unicionly MP
unicaonly FS
unicheonly FP
difficiledifficult S
difficilidifficult P
fortestrong S
fortistrong P
grossobig MS
grossibig MP
grossabig FS
grossebig FP
pericolosodangerous MS
pericolosidangerous MP
pericolosadangerous FS
pericolosedangerous FP
pesanteheavy S
pesantiheavy P
soloalone/only MS
solialone/only MP
solaalone/only FS
solealone/only FP
stranostrange MS
stranistrange MP
stranastrange FS
stranestrange FP
cortoshort MS
cortishort MP
cortashort FS
corteshort FP
durohard MS
durihard MP
durahard FS
durehard FP
facileeasy S
facilieasy P
interowhole MS
interiwhole MP
interawhole FS
interewhole FP
lungolong MS
lunghilong MP
lungalong FS
lunghelong FP
pienofull MS
pienifull MP
pienafull FS
pienefull FP
prossimonext/close MS
prossiminext/close MP
prossimanext/close FS
prossimenext/close FP
certocertain MS
certicertain MP
certacertain FS
certecertain FP
comunecommon S
comunicommon P
giustoright/just MS
giustiright/just MP
giustaright/just FS
giusteright/just FP
normalenormal S
normalinormal P
prontoready MS
prontiready MP
prontaready FS
pronteready FP
sicurosafe/certain MS
sicurisafe/certain MP
sicurasafe/certain FS
sicuresafe/certain FP
verotrue/real MS
veritrue/real MP
veratrue/real FS
veretrue/real FP
brevebrief S
brevibrief P
caldohot MS
caldihot MP
caldahot FS
caldehot FP
chiaroclear MS
chiariclear MP
chiaraclear FS
chiareclear FP
freddocold MS
freddicold MP
freddacold FS
freddecold FP
giovaneyoung S
giovaniyoung P


Question Answer
ferroviariorailway/train MS
ferroviarirailway/train MP
ferroviariarailway/train FS
ferroviarierailway/train FP


Question Answer
umanohuman MS
umanihuman MP
umanahuman FS
umanehuman FP
simpaticonice MS
simpaticinice MP
simpaticanice FS
simpatichenice FP


Question Answer
primofirst MS
primifirst MP
primafirst FS
primefirst FP
secondosecond MS
secondisecond MP
secondasecond FS
secondesecond FP
terzothird MS
terzithird MP
terzathird FS
terzethird FP
quartofourth MS
quartifourth MP
quartafourth FS
quartefourth FP
quintofifth MS
quintififth MP
quintafifth FS
quintefifth FP
sestosixth MS
sestisixth MP
sestasixth FS
sestesixth FP
settimoseventh MS
settimiseventh MP
settimaseventh FS
settimeseventh FP
ottavoeighth MS
ottavieighth MP
ottavaeighth FS
ottaveeighth FP
nononinth MS
nonininth MP
nonaninth FS
noneninth FP
decimotenth MS
decimitenth MP
decimatenth FS
decimetenth FP
alcunosome MS
alcunisome MP
alcunasome FS
alcunesome FP
ultimolast MS
ultimilast MP
ultimalast FS
ultimelast FP
moltoa lot of MS
moltia lot of MP
moltaa lot of FS
moltea lot of FP
pocolittle/not much MS
pochlittle/not much MP
pocalittle/not much FS
pochelittle/not much FP
sufficienteenough/sufficient S
sufficientienough/sufficient P
tantoso much MS
tantiso much MP
tantaso much FS
tanteso much FP

Adjectives 2

Question Answer
anticoancient MS
antichiancient MP
anticaancient FS
anticheancient FP
culturalecultural S
culturalicultural P
familiarefamiliar S
familiarifamiliar P
negativonegative MS
negativinegative MP
negativanegative FS
negativenegative FP
positivopositive MS
positivipositive MP
positivapositive FS
positivepositive FP
storicohistoric/historical MS
storicihistoric/historical MP
storicahistoric/historical FS
storichehistoric/historical FP
tradizionaletraditional S
tradizionalitraditional P
divertentefun/funny S
divertentifun/funny P
globaleglobal S
globaliglobal P
localelocal S
localilocal P
provincialeprovincial S
provincialiprovincial P
pubblicopublic MS
pubblicipublic MP
pubblicapublic FS
pubblichepublic FP
regionaleregional S
regionaliregional P
statalestate/government S
statalistate/government P
attentocareful MS
attenticareful MP
attentacareful FS
attentecareful FP
frescofresh/cool MS
freschifresh/cool MP
frescafresh/cool FS
freschefresh/cool FP
indipendenteindependent S
indipendentiindependent P
industrialeindustrial S
industrialiindustrial P
migliorebetter/best S
miglioribetter/best P
puropure MS
puripure MP
purapure FS
purepure FP
velocefast S
velocifast P
avanzatoadvanced MS
avanzatiadvanced MP
avanzataadvanced FS
avanzateadvanced FP
commercialecommercial S
commercialicommercial P
efficaceeffective S
efficacieffective P
legalelegal S
legalilegal P
principalemain/principal S
principalimain/principal P
professionaleprofessional S
professionaliprofessional P
responsabileresponsible S
responsabiliresponsible P
cattivobad/wicked MS
cattivibad/wicked MP
cattivabad/wicked FS
cattivebad/wicked FP
definitivodefinitive/final MS
definitividefinitive/final MP
definitivadefinitive/final FS
definitivedefinitive/final FP
finalefinal S
finalifinal P
numerosonumerous MS
numerosinumerous MP
numerosanumerous FS
numerosenumerous FP
originaleoriginal S
originalioriginal P
recenterecent S
recentirecent P
seguentefollowing/next S
seguentifollowing/next P
generalegeneral S
generaligeneral P
gravegrave/heavy S
gravigrave/heavy P
naturalenatural S
naturalinatural P
necessarionecessary MS
necessarinecessary MP
necessarianecessary FS
necessarienecessary FP
particulareparticular/peculiar S
particulariparticular/peculiar P
personalepersonal S
personalipersonal P
poveropoor MS
poveripoor MP
poverapoor FS
poverepoor FP
fisicophysical MS
fisiciphysical MP
fisicaphysical FS
fisichephysical FP
fondamentalefundamental S
fondamentalifundamental P
scorsolast/previous MS
scorsilast/previous MP
scorsalast/previous FS
scorselast/previous FP
semplicesimple S
semplicisimple P
similesimilar S
similisimilar P
superioresuperior S
superiorisuperior P
vicinonear MS
vicininear MP
vicinanear FS
vicinenear FP
differentedifferent S
differentidifferent P
futurofuture MS
futurifuture MP
futurafuture FS
futurefuture FP
leggerolight MS
leggerilight MP
leggeralight FS
leggerelight FP
profondoprofound/deep MS
profondiprofound/deep MP
profondaprofound/deep FS
profondeprofound/deep FP


Question Answer
americanoAmerican MS
americaniAmerican MP
americanaAmerican FS
americaneAmerican FP
argentinoArgentinian MS
argentiniArgentinian MP
argentinaArgentinian FS
argentineArgentinian FP
brasilianoBrazilian MS
brasilianiBrazilian MP
brasilianaBrazilian FS
brasilianeBrazilian FP
cineseChinese S
cinesiChinese P
ingleseEnglish S
inglesiEnglish P
europeoEuropean MS
europeiEuropean MP
europeaEuropean FS
europeeEuropean FP
franceseFrench S
francesiFrench P
tedescoGerman MS
tedeschiGerman MP
tedescaGerman FS
tedescheGerman FP
italianoItalian MS
italianiItalian MP
italianaItalian FS
italianeItalian FP
portoghesePortuguese S
portoghesiPortuguese P
spagnoloSpanish MS
spagnoliSpanish MP
spagnolaSpanish FS
spagnoleSpanish FP


Question Answer
lontanofar/distant MS
lontanifar/distant MP
lontanafar/distant FS
lontanefar/distant FP


Question Answer
arrabbiatoangry MS
arrabbiatiangry MP
arrabbiataangry FS
arrabbiateangry FP
imbarazzatoembarrassed MS
imbarazzatiembarrassed MP
imbarazzataembarrassed FS
imbarazzateembarrassed FP
contentocontent MS
contenticontent MP
contentacontent FS
contentecontent FP
felicehappy S
felicihappy P
tranquillohappy MS
tranquillihappy MP
tranquillahappy FS
tranquillehappy FP
serioserious MS
seriserious MP
seriaserious FS
serieserious FP
sorpresosurprised MS
sorpresisurprised MP
sorpresasurprised FS
sorpresesurprised FP
stancatired/bored MS
stanchetired/bored MP
stancotired/bored FS
stanchitired/bored FP
tristesad S
tristisad P
nervosonervous/irritable MS
nervosinervous/irritable MP
nervosanervous/irritable FS
nervosenervous/irritable FP


Question Answer
mondialeworld S
mondialeworld P


Italian Adjectives 2