Issues relating to ICT

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Cultural issues - Give one cultural issues and state it's effect on societymethods and selections of viewing cultural material (such as music & films). Music and films can now be streamed off the internet instead of downloading, saving storage space and can be access at any time with an internet connection. in relation to music, individual songs can now be purchased which is convenient to suit the needs of consumers, an example being iTunes, with the ability to create your own playlists. Introduction of search facilities online means music can be accessed faster.
Give another Cultural issue concerning communicationways society as a whole communicates has changed habits of individuals, such as a preference to send a quick text message as oppose to make a phone call (which is also a cheaper method). Methods of contacting others has also changed as the introduction of email has reduced regular customs of writing via letter to long distance friends, which you can now even communicate via video conferencing.
Give another Cultural issue in regards to devloping countriescreates digital divide, splitting up those who can and cannot afford new technologies, creates advantages for those with ICT. A local example amongst society is the use of ICT to search and apply for jobs, which is much easier and a vaast range of jobs can be applied to very quickly via email, however previous longer methods would have involved visiting the job centre and purchasing stamps to send out your CV for job applications. The use of ICT to initially create a CV reduces spelling errors and misentered words can be corrected much easier than hand written documents.