Islamic Golden Age - Important Thinkers

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Al-Biruni(10th - 11th Century) Iranian scholar and polymath from Khwarezm. Estimated size of Earth using trigonometry among other contributions including how the earth spins on its axis and astronomy.
Ibn al-Haytham(10th - 11th Century) Iraqi mathematician and philosopher who was the first to explain that vision occurs when light bounces on an object and then is directed to one's eyes. Spent life close to Fatimid Caliphate in Cairo.
Ibn Sina(10th - 11th Century) Regarded as a preeminent figure of the Islamic Golden Age. Works include 'The Book of Healing' and 'The Canon of Medicine'. Made huge contributions to alchemy and medicine.
Al-Razi(9th - 10th Century) Important contributions in classification of chemicals. An alchemist. Father of chemistry as we now know it.

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