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Question Answer
What does the word '' Islam '' mean ? It means to surrender (give up) to their worldly things, like their gods.
Who are the followers of Islam ?They are Muslims.
Who is the founder of Islam ? It is Muhammad.
What does Islam teach ? It teaches that there is one god.
What is the Qur'an ? It is the holy book.
What did they believe about Muhammad ? He was the messenger of God.
Who is Quraysh ? The ruler of Mecca.
Where is Muhammad from ? He is from Mecca.
What do they believe in Mecca ? They believed in all kinds of gods.
What happen in the night journey ? Muhammad rose up to heaven to talk to prophets of Jesus and Moses.
When did Muhammad die ? He died in 632 CE.
What happened after Muhammad's death ?Shia and Sunni was created.
What was Sunnis belief ? It was that if Muhammad did not leave any directions anybody could choose their own leader.
What was Shias belief ?It was that one of Muhammad's relatives had to be the leader.
What were the 5 religious duties of the Muslims ?1.) Statement of belief (their god is the only god) 2.) Pray 5 times a day 3.) Fast (can't eat from sun up from sun down) 4.) Alms (give to the poor) 5.) Pilgrimage (when they make a trip to Mecca at least once in their life time)
When is the holy month ? It is on June 6.
What is Kaaba ?When they walk 7 times around Mecca.