Islam Key Terms

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AkhirahLife after Death
Allahu AkbarGod is Great
Abu BakerLeader of Sunni Islam
AliLeader of Shi'a Islam
Angel JibrilAngel Gabriel - Messenger to Muhammad. Revealed the Qur'an
Angel Mika'ilAngel of Mercy
ArabicLanguage of Islam
AdalatJustice for Shi'a Muslims
Amr - bil - MarufEncourage people to do good
ArafatWhere Muhammad preached his last sermon: Hajj Site
AshuraFestival that remembers the death of Husayn a leader of Islam.

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BarzakhBarrier before the after life "State of Waiting" before Heaven
BenevolentAll loving
Book of DecreesGod's book that contains the knowledge of all life and people's actions
Book of DeedsBook containing a person's good and bad actions. Read by the angel before judgement
CaliphPolitical and religious leader of Islam
Day of JudgementWhen Allah decides who will go to heaven / hell

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Free WillHuman Choice / Humans decide to help or hurt others
God Willing (Inshallah)With God's blessing
Gospel (Injil)Books that explain the Prophet Isa (Jesus)
HadithBook containing the words of Muhammad
HajjPilgrimage to Mecca
HijrahJourney made by Muhammad from Mecca to Medina

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IbrahimFirst person to belief in One God (Monotheism) Asked to sacrifice his son Ishmael
Id - ul - fitrFestival after Ramadan
Id - ul - AdhaFestival at Hajj / Remembers Ibrahim's Sacrifice of Ishmael.
ImamateThe 12 - Twelvers: Descendants of Muhammad chosen by Allah
ImmanentGod is personal to humans
IhramSacred state of washing before Hajj. Wearing of White Clothes to show equality
IslamMeans "peace" and "submission to Allah"
JihadThe struggle to maintain faith and follow Islam
JusticeGod is Fair and Just - humans should follow this example
Jummah prayerWeekly communion prayer. Mid-day Friday. Has a sermon.

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Ka'abaBlack Building in Mecca. Circled on Hajj. House of Allah. Built by Ibrahim
Khums1/5th or 20% of Money given to charity and religious leaders. Shi'a Islam only
MeccaHoly City - Where Muhammad was born
MercifulGod is forgiving and fair
MihrabA niche in the wall that shows the direction of Mecca / Makkah
MinaWhere 49 stones are thrown at pillars on Hajj
MonotheismOne God
MosquePlace of Worship
MuhammadLast and greatest of all the Prophets. Given the Qur'an
MuslimFollower of Islam

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Nahi Anil MunkarDiscourage people from doing wrong
Night of PowerNight the Angel Jibril first revealed the Qur'an to Muhammad
Night JourneyWhen Muhammad was taken to Jerusalem and also saw Jesus in Heaven
OmnipotentAll Powerful
PilgrimageReligious Journey
Pillars of Islam5 Important duties a Muslim must obey
PredestinationAllah knows the future of all people.
ProphetMessenger of God

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Qur'anHoly Book of Islam given to Muhammad to recite and remember. Actual words of Allah
Rak'ahSequence of movements in prayer
RamandanMonth of Fasting
ResurrectionCome back to life
RisalahBelief in the Prohets
SadaqahVoluntary charity donations
SalahPrayer 5 times a day (Combined 3 for Shi'a Muslims)
SawmPillar of Fasting
ShahadahStatement of faith. "There is one God and Muhammad is the Messenger
Shi'aType of Islam Leader Ali
SinOffence against God
Sirat BridgeBridge that the wicked people fall off to hell. Good people make it to heaven
SunniType of Islam - Abu Baker Leader
SunnahWay of Life of Muhammad
SurahChapter of the Qur'an
Supremacy of AllahAllah is above all else
Qublah wallThe wall that contains the Mihrab

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TawhidOneness of God. Nothing can be compared to him. No pictures of Allah
TawallahBe loving towards the friends of God
TabarraStay away from the enemies of God
Ten Obligatory ActsDuties of Shi'a Islam includes the Pillars.
The 99 NamesNames of Allah found in the Qur'an. Peace Maker / Just / Creator / Mercy
The Five Roots of Usal-ad-DinShi'a Beliefs
The Six Articles of FaithSunni Beliefs
TorahFirst books in the Bible also holy to Islam
TranscendentGod is bove human knowledge
TwelversImamate - important 12 leaders / descendants of Muhammad / Chosen by Allah
WuduWashing before Prayer
Zakah2.5% of Savings given to Charity / Help the poor