Chapter sections

Isaiah 1Introduction: Messianic Hope/restore Kingdom to the way it was before
Isaiah 2-5YHWH exalted/Abasement of man. Front--metaphorical. Middle--YHWH exalted/Kingdom Ideal. End--Concrete
Isaiah 6YHWY enthroned/Call of Isaiah
Isaiah 7-12Trust in YHWH: Chapter 7--Virgin Birth
Isaiah 13-23Judgment of the Nations: Chp 14: Kings of Babylon and their pride. Chp 19: Strongly eschatalogical; Pride. "In that day..."
Isaiah 24-27City of Emptiness destroyed: Chp 26--Metaphorical resurrection. Parallels with the book of Rev. Chp 27--Leviathan the sea monster
Isaiah 28-33Rejecting God and trusting in Egypt: Chp 28--Saw l saw, qaw l qaw/How God deals with His people. Chp 29--Ariel
Isaiah 34-35Edom and Israel. Desolation and Lush
Isaiah 36-39Deliverance from Assyria: Chp 1-35 (Assyrian threat). Chp 36-37 (Sennacherib's siege). Chp 38-39 (Hezekiah's illness)
Isaiah 40-55Israel restored; Babylon falls: Chp 42: Servant of the Lord (Messiah?) "He is light to the nation...He will not break a bruised reed, He will not put out a smoldering wick..."/ Creator God vs Created gods. Suffering Servant. Speaking to Prophets. Servant songs: 42, 49, 50, 52:13-53:12.
Isaiah 56-66Seek justice (56-59), God restores Zion (60-62), God as divine warrior (63-66). Wickedness prevents the realization of God's salvation. God dwells with the humble.


734 - 732 BCTiglath-Pileser makes a military expedition to Palestine/Damascus and Samaria captured
722 BCSargon takes Israel into captivity
701 BCSennacherib besieges Jerusalem
612 BCFall of Nineveh
586 BCFall of Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar
539 BCCyrus captures Babylon/Israelites return to the land