IS12 Enhancing Decision Making

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Section one

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Types of decisionsUnstructured, Structured, Semistructured
The 4 stages of the decision-making processIntelligence, Design, Choice, Implementation
Classical model of management: five functionsPlanning, organizing, coordinating, deciding, and controlling


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Mintzberg’s 10 managerial roles Interpersonal, Informational, Decisional
Interpersonal rolesFigurehead, Leader, Liaison
Informational rolesNerve center, Disseminator, Spokesperson
Decisional rolesEntrepreneur, Disturbance handler, Resource allocator, Negotiator


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Why IT failsInformation quality, Management filters, Organizational inertia and politics
Business intelligenceInfrastructure for collecting, storing, analyzing data produced by business
Examples of Business intelligenceDatabases, data warehouses, data marts
Business analyticsTools and techniques for analyzing data
Examples of business analyticsOLAP, statistics, models, data mining
Business intelligence vendorsInfrastructure for collecting, storing, analyzing data produced by business


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Six elements in the business intelligence environmentData from the business environment, Business intelligence infrastructure, Business analytics toolset, Managerial users and methods,
Delivery platform—(MIS, DSS, ESS), User interface
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Main functionalities of BI systemsProduction reports, Parameterized reports, Dashboards/scorecards, Ad hoc query/search/report creation, Drill down, [Forecasts, scenarios, models]


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Big dataMassive datasets collected from social media, online and in-store customer data, and so on
Two main management strategies for developing BI and BA capabilitiesOne-stop integrated solution, Multiple best-of-breed solution
Pro and Cons of One-stop integrated solutionHardware firms sell software that run optimally on their hardware, Makes firm dependent on single vendor—switching costs
Pro and Cons of Multiple best-of-breed solutionGreater flexibility and independence, Potential difficulties in integration, Must deal with multiple vendors