Iron Tablets Drug Counselling

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How it works?Iron is a mineral that helps red blood cells carry oxygen around the body. These tablets will mean you have more iron in your body.
Benefits of using?You currently do not have enough iron in your body, and this can make people tired. These tablets will restore normal levels of iron in your body, and should help your symptoms of tiredness.
What form is it?Tablet that is swallowed
How many times per day?Can be taken three times a day, but can also be reduced if causing unpleasant side effects.
How to take?Works best when taken on an empty stomach, but taking after or with food can reduce side effects.
Length of treatment?Can be 4 months (depending on good response), 1 month to get enough iron into the red blood cells, then 3 months to restore the stores of iron
Time before effects?3-4 weeks before it will help symptoms.
Tests and monitoring?Blood test after 3-4 weeks, then every 3 months for next year, then 1 year after that
Important side effects?GI irritation (nausea, diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain), causes stools to go black, bad taste
If not tolerated?Laxatives can be offered to those with constipation, can reduce dose of iron, can give different iron formatulion
Name of tablet?Ferrous Sulphate

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