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What causes warconflicts of interests and ideology. bargaing failure, lack of intersts, domestic pressures, preemptive and preventive.
Causes of ww1uncertainty about alliance powers, shifts in balance of power, preemptive advantages, rise of russia and germany, , germany was concerned about russia growth, , britain and france are worried about russia and germany growth, july 1914 crisis, Archduke France ferdinanad,
entering of usships sunk by germany,
offshore balancing when a great power uses favored regional power to check the rise of potential hostile powers.
rationales behind alliancesto help and balance fight but requires offensive war plans that give advantage to first striker
cult of the offensive a military dilemna where leaders believe that offensive advantages are so great that defending forces dont matter, so all states chose to attck .
schiefllen planavoid two front war, attck france, defend russia, needs austria-hungary to attack russia and slow them down. wanted short war.
first and second marne miraclesfrench beating germany
trench warfareprotected by trenches, no mobility,
treaty of brest-livostktreaty between russia and central powers where russia gave baltic states to germany and left war.
verdunlarge battle betwwen french and germany many death and casulties
sommeefirst great offensive war of ww1, a lot killed, between british over france
unrestriced marine warfaretypw of naval warfare in which submarines sink vessels wihout warnings
treaty of versailesended ww1 , germany excpet full responsibility
league of nationsresut of paris peace conference to, settle international issues, failed