IR 2

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Section 1

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liberalism-kanthuman interests, when properly organized, will result in benign outcomes, get institutions right, domestic regimes,
pacifismopposition to war military and violence
imperialismdiplomacy through power
internationalismintervine in other states to spread liberal agenda
kantian tripodpeace through, domestic regimes, economice interdependence, and international institutions.
democratic peacethey dont face because of respect but dont really know why
institutionsexplicit or implicit norms or set of beliefs used for decision making
transaction costscost of playing in a market
liberal hegemonyultimate power

Section 2

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Constructivismsignificant aspects of international relations are historically and socially constructed, rather than the inevitable consequences, of human nature or essential characteristics of world politics.
identities the results of ideas and the social construction of such ideas. all given by social interaction.Competitve(aagresive and individualistic real), Individualistic (peacful but individualistic liberal), and cooperative.(cooperative, all for all idealitstic)
intersubjective understandingsthe process of identity formation of the self is an interactive process, which self reflects socialization.
legitmacymotivation for an actor to obey a norm, internalized moral reasoning,
compulsory and compensatory powerthe power to hurt and reward directly
institutional powerhurt and reward through rules procedures and institutions
structural powerthe power to shape actors to have certain identities and capacitities,