IR 106 Midterm

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NAFTAtrade deal linking Mexico with america and canada, eliminated almost all of the tariffs and trade barriers between the countries
trump said naftawas horrible and increased illegal immigrants and decreased US manufacturing industry
outsourcingprocess through which countries take advantage of trade agreements to put their operations in a country that is most cost-effective
positive results of NAFTAtechnological advancements that helped mechanization, trade growth across N America
why is nafta being renegotiationedtrump--it is dated

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game theorypicking outcomes when there are multiple factors at play, each with a different goal. tells you the ideal moves that will benefit you and hurt others
nash equilibriumoptimal outcome of a game is one where no player has an incentive to deviate from his chosen strategy after considering an opponent's choice
pareto efficiencyresources are allocated in the most efficient manner, obtained from distribution strategy exists where one party's situation cannot be improved without making the other party's situation worse
infinite horizon modelstates play games repeatedly and indefinitely
stag huntcooperation or defection is possible in single-shot interactions because of preferences
prisoners dilemma2 individuals act in the course of their own self interest which does not result in the ideal outcome
why do states impose tariffstaxation is rational even if free trade is beneficial to everyone
why do states engage in arms racesbuilding weapons is individually rational even if not arming is beneficial to everyone
grim trigger stratgeycooperate until someone defects and then defect forever
tit-for-tatcooperate one first move then imitate opponent the rest of the game

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