IPDM WK 7 Osteoporosis Part 2

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What is Ibuprofen (1) Brand (2) Usual dose (3) Formulation(1) Advil, Motrin (2) 1200 - 3200 mg/day in Q6-8h (3) Topical, PO, IV
What is Naproxen (1) Brand (2) Usual dose (3) Formulation(1) Naprosyn, Aleve (2) 250-500 mg BID or Q12h (3) Topical, PO
What is Meloxicam (1) Brand (2) Usual dose (3) Formulation(1) Mobic, Vivlodex (2) 7.5-15 mg daily, Vivlodex is 5-10 mg daily (3) PO
What is Diclofenac (1) Brand (2) Usual dose (3) Formulation(1) Pennsaid, Voltaren, Flector (2) IR: 50-75 mg daily, XR: 100-120 mg daily (3) Topical cream, PO, Gel, Solution and Patches


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What is Indomethacin (1) Brand (2) Usual dose (3) Formulation(1) Indocin (2) IR: 25 mg BID, titrate to max 50 mg TID, SR: 75 mg daily, titrate to BID if needed (3) PO
What is Ketoprofen (1) Brand (2) Usual dose (3) Formulation(1) Orudis (2) 50-75 mg 3-4x/day (3) Topical, Topical
What is Ketorolac (1) Brand (2) Usual dose (3) Formulation(1) Toradol (2) 10 mg Q4-6h (PO, Max 40 mg/d) (3) PO, IV/IM
What is Nabumetone (1) Brand (2) Usual dose (3) Formulation(1) Relafen (2) 500-1000mg 1-2x/d (3) PO
What is Piroxicam (1) Brand (2) Usual dose (3) Formulation(1) Feldene (2) 10-20 mg daily (3) PO


Question Answer
Diclofenac Topical Solution is the same as?Pennsaid 2%
What is Diclofenac Topical Solution indicated for?Knee OA
Pennsaid 2% dose?2 pumps BID ( 2pumps, 2 times, 2 percent) [Exact quiz question]
Pennsaid Adverse effects?(1) dryness (2) Peeling (3) redness
Pennsaid counseling points?(1) prime pump by pushing down 4x (2) apply on clean dry skin (3) Allow area to dry before covering (3) Do not shower for at least 30 mins after applying (4) Avoid exercise after application


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Diclofenac Gel is the same as?Voltaren
True or false? Voltaren has less GI and CV adverse effect. Why?True, bc it is tropical and localize
Voltaren gel dosin is based on location of application, true or false?True
What is the dose and frequency of Voltaren Gel applied to Upper extremities?2g QID (NTE 8 g/d)
What is the dose and frequency of Voltaren Gel applied to Lower extremities?4g QID (NTE 16g/d)


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Brand name for Celecoxib?Celebrex
Celecoxib dosing?100 mg BID or 200 mg Daily
What is the max dosing for Celebrex?400 mg
T or F Celecoxib has lower incidence of GITrue, it has lower incidence of GI
T or F Celebrex has higher risk of CV eventsTrue, it has higher risk of CV events
What is Celebrex contraindicated for?Sulfonamide allergy


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Topical Capsaicin is the same as?Zostrix
Zostrix dosing is?3-4x/day at affected area
Common adverse effects of Zostrix(1) Local erythema (2) Local pain
Zostrix caution?Chili pepper allergy
Zostrix counseling points (1)(1) Do not put on irriated skin, cuts, scrapes or damaged skins
Zostrix counseling points (2)(2) Do not bathe, shower or swim after applying
Zostrix counseling points (3)(3) Do not apply right after shower
Zostrix counseling points (4)(4) Wash hands b4 and after use
Zostrix counseling points (5)(5) Clean area b4 application
Zostrix counseling points (6)(6) Apply thin film on affected area and rub gently


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What are the side effects of Glucosamine?(1) bloating (2) Cramps (3) Gas [BCG]
What is the precaution of Glucosamine?Shellfish allergy
What are the side effects of Chondroitin?(1) HA (2) Constipation (3) bloating (4) diarrhea
Which endogenous substrate is found in cartilage, Glucosamine or Chondroitin?Chondroitin
Which naturally produced substrate involved in the biosynthesis of macromolecules in cartilageGlucosamine


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Tramadol brands?(1) Ultram (2) Ultracet
What is control number of Tramadol?CIV
True or false? Tramadol is Rx onlyTrue
What is Ultram dosing?50 -100 mg Q4-6h
What is Ultracet max?400 mg/day
What is the renal dose adjustment for CrCl < 30 mL/min?50-100 mg Q12h (max:200 mg/day)


Question Answer
What are the common adverse effects of Tramadol?(1) N/V (2) Constipation (3) Drowsiness
What kind of pt shd avoid Ultracet use?Pt w/ history of seizure
What are the DDIs of Ultram?(1) SSRIs (2) MAOIs (3) TCAs (4) CYP3A4 inducers/inhibitors (5) CYP2D6 inhibitors


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Contraindications for Opioids are?Depression (Respiratory and CNS)
Opioids DDIs?(1) CYP3A4 (2) CYP 2D6 intaractions
Adverse effects of Opioids?(1) N/V (2) Constipation (3) Drowsiness (4) Itching
Opioids counseling points? (1)(1) Do not drive or operate machinery
Opioids counseling points? (2)(2) Avoid drinking alcohol
Opioids counseling points? (3)(3) Addictive, may be habit-forming
Opioids counseling points? (4)(4) Recommend Bowel regimen


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What are Hydrocodone/APAP brands?(1) Norco (2) Vicodin
What is Hydrocodone/APAP Control number?CII
What is Norco or Vicodin usual dosing? [Hint: same as Percocet]2.5 -10/325-650 mg 3-5x per day


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What is the brand for Oxycodone/APAP?Percocet
What is Percocet control number?CII
Percocet dosing? [Hint: same as Norco, Vicodin]2.5-10/325-650 mg 3-5x per day


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What is Codeine/APAP control number?CIII
Codeine/APAP #3 formulation?Codeine 30 mg/APAP 300 mg
Codeine?APAP #4 formulation?Codeine 60 mg/APAP 300 mg
What is CIII dosing, max codeine?30-60/300-1000 mg APAP Q4h, Max codeine: 360 mg/day


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Lidocaine patch brand?Lidoderm
Lidoderm dosind?Apply 12 hrs on, 12 hrs off. Can be used up to 3 patches
Lidoderm side effects?Site reactions like Erythema, depigmentation, irritation
Lidoderm counseling point?Patches can be cut


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T or F? Intraarticular Corticosteroid injections do not have long term effectTrue
Maximum injection shd not be more than ------ months3 moths
Corticosteroids (1)(1) Triamcinolone
Corticosteroids (2)(2) Methylprednisolone
Corticosteroids (3)(3) Bethamethasone