IPDM WK 4 Liver Function Test

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What is included in the Fishbone of liver function test?(1) AST (2) ALT (3) Alkaline (4) Phosphate (5) D Till and (6) T Till
AST meansAspartate aminotransferase (8-42 IU/L)
ALT meansAlanine aminotransferase (3-30 IU/L)
ULNUpper Limit of Normal
Is a range that is > 3-4x of ULN normal or abnormal?Abnormal


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Where is AST and ALT located?in the (1) Hepatocytes (2) Cardiac muscle (3) Kidneys (4) brain etc
In which organ is ALT more prominent during damage?ALT is more specific to liver injury than AST
ASL/ALT ratio is useful in diagnosing what?Alcohol liver disease
What is the ratio of AST to ALT in alcohol liver disease?AST > 2x ALT


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What is LDH normal range?100-225 IU/L
What is the unit for LDH measurement?IU/L
What are the ways to test for Cholestasis?(1) ALP (2) GGTP/GGP (3) GGTP/ALP (4) 5'-Nucleotidase
Hepatocellular disease is associated with?(1) Elevated Unconjugated (water insoluble) (2) Elevated Indirect bilirubin (3) it means liver is unable to conjugate (4) Increased level of Ammonia or Increased level of Bilirubin


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CholestasisFailure to move bile from liver to duodenum. This results in obstruction to bilirubin synthesis or secretion
Statis meansStop
ALPAlkaline phosphatase (Test associated with Cholestasis)
ALP > 4x normal suggests what?cholestatic disorder
What will happen to the level of 5'-Nucleotidase during hepatic disease?elevated
GGTP or GGTGamma-Glutamyl Transpeptidase
Elevated ALP with normal GGT points to a ............?nonhepatic etiology
GGT to ALP ratio that is greater than 2.5 indicate what?alcohol abuse


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Where does Biliribin comes from?from Hemoglobin released from the Red Blood Cell
Increase in Bile accumulation will have what effect on ALP synthesis?Increase hepatocyte synthesis of ALP
ALP moderately elevated + CGTP markedly elevated + ALT/AST w/n or minimally elevated means what?Cholestatic syndrome
What is "indirect bilirubin"?unconjugated bilirubin
Hyberbilirubinemia(1) increase of bilirubin in the blood (2) range is > 2-4 mg/dL (3) Jaundice
Hepatic encephalopathyalter mental status, which could be as a result of accumulation of ammonia
CholelithiasisObstruction to the bile flow
What laboratory information determines hepatic encephalopathyMeasuring accumulation of Ammonia


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Three facts about ALP (1)ALP may increase due to non-hepatic causes
Three facts about ALP (2)Bile accumulation increase hepatocyte synthesis of ALP which eventually leak to serum
Three facts about ALP (3)ALP >4x normal suggest a cholestatic disorder
What does mild elevated ALP suggests?Pregnancy or bone growth
Bilirubin normal range0.3-1 mg/dL


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Name 2 labs used to determine pancreatic functionAmylase and Lipase
Increase in pancreatitis meansAmylase and Lipase are working overtime
Function of Amylasebreaks starch into glucose molecules
Functions of LipaseBreak TG into fatty acids


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One fact about 5' NucleotidaseSerium 5'-nucleotidase is elevated mainly in hepatic disease
3 facts about CGTP or GGT (1)It is a Biliary excretory enzyme
3 facts about CGTP or GGT (2)Elevated ALP with normal GGT points to a nonhepatic etiology
3 facts about CGTP or GGT (3)GGT/ALP > 2.5 is highly indicative of alcohol abuse
Accumulation of Ammonia leadsaltered mental status (hepatic encephalopathy)


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What does moderately elevated ALP means?Cholestatic syndrome
What does markedly elevated GGTP means?Cholestatic syndrome
What does WNL or minimally elevvated ALT/AST means?Cholestatic syndrome
What does mildly elevated ALP means?Pregnancy or Bone growth

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