IPDM I Sample Medical Terms

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MyocarditisInflammation of muscle layer of the heart
PericarditisInflammation of the outer lining of the heart
EndocarditisInflammation of the inner lining of the heart
CardiologistA heart specialist
BacteremiaBacteria in the blood
Hemolytic anemiaA condition of inadequate number of circulating red blood cells due to the premature destruction of red blood cells by the spleen.
PhlebitisInflammation of the vein
PhlebotomyCutting into a vein
Dentistspecialist in care of teeth
Gingivitisinflammation of gums


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GlossitisInflammation of the tongue
Lingual nerveNerve for tongue
Mastectomysurgical removal of the breast
MammographyDiagnostic x-ray of the breast
MeningitisInflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord
MyelographyDiagnostic x-ray of the spinal cord and nerve roots
NeuropathyDisease of the nerves
Optic neuritisInflammation of the optic nerve
Contact dermatitisAn inflammation of the skin caused by having contact with certain chemicals or substances
OsteopeniaBones become thinner and weaker


Question Answer
OsteoporosisBones become brittle and fragile
MicrostomiaAbnormal smallness of the mouth
MicrovascularSmall vessel
Macrocytic anemiaA condition of inadequate number of circulating red blood cells due abnormally large red blood cell
Hypothyroidism Deficiency of thyroid activity
Orthostatic Hypotension Decrease in blood pressure related to positional or postural changes from lying to sitting or standing positions
HyperhidrosisExcessive sweating
HypertensionAbnormally high blood pressure
BradycardiaAbnormally slow heart rate
TachypneaFast breathing


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EuthymiaNormal range of moods and emotions
NormotensiveNormal blood pressure
DysthymiaA mood disorder (abnormal)
ProspectiveLooking forward to the future
RetrospectiveLooking back at the past
DyspneaDifficult breathing
PneumothroaxAir in the pleural cavity
PulmonologistLung specialist
MyalgiaPain in muscle
AnalgesiaAbsence of pain


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HematouriaBlood in the urine
UrosepsisBacteria in the urine
CardiomegalyEnlarged heart
CephalomegalyEnlarged head
MegacephalyEnlarged head
Tonsillitisinflammation of the tonsils
ArthritisInflammation of a joint
CyanosisBlue-ish discoloration
PyrosisHeart burn
DyslipidemiaAbnormal level of lipoproteins in the blood


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VasectomyRemoval of a segment of the vas deferens to produce sterility in the male
SplenectomyRemoval of the spleen
TracheotomyCutting into the trachea
ColostomyFormation of a new opening in the colon
Urostomyopening through which urine drains
HemostasisControl of bleeding
BlastocyteUndifferentiated embryonic cell
Diarrhea"Flowing through" of loose matter from bowels.
HyperplesiaExcessive proliferation of cells
AnemiaA deficiency of red blood cells
HemoptysisCoughing up blood


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RhinoplastyReconstructive surgery of the nose
AngiographyProcess of recording (xray) blood vessels
AntiemeticPrevent nausea & vomiting
NephrolithiasisAbnormal condition of kidney stones
OligouriaDecreased urine production
MegacolonEnlarge colon
HepatomegalyEnlarge liver
MacrostomiaAbnormally large mouth
HepatitisAn inflammation of the liver
Gastroenteritisinflammation of the stomach and intestines


Question Answer
ColitisInflammation of colon
Colonoscopy Examining the colon
ColectomyRemoval of the colon
Colostomypermanent surgical hole in the colon
CystitisInflammation of the bladder
ProcitisInflammation of the rectum and anus
NephritisInflammation of kidney
OrchiditisInflammation of the testes
LeukocytesWhite blood cell
ErythrocytesRed blood cell
MelanomaBlack tumor


Question Answer
XanthomaYellow tumor
CyanosisA bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes
PoliomylitisInflammation of the gray matter in the spinal cord
NeutrophilNeutral color granules
EosinophilOrange-red granules
PhagocytesCell that ingests invading microbes
AdenomaTumor of a gland
LipomaA fatty tumor
MyomaMuscle tumor
Lymphomatumor in the lymph
CarcinomaCancerous tumor


Question Answer
OsteomaBoney tumor
HemangiomaTumor of a blood vessel
EndoscopyVisual examination in within
PerianalAround the anus
CircumciseTo cut around
Retrograde amnesiaLoss of memory for events or information learned before the amnesia-inducing brain injury
Retrosternal painPain behind the sternum
EpigastricAbove the stomach
EpiduralAbove dura mater
Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE)An ultrasound test that provides views of the heart through the esophagus
SubtherapeuticToo low dosage


Question Answer
SuprapubicAbove the pubic bone
IntrathecalWithin the spinal fluid
EncephaloceleHerniation (abnormal protrusion) of the brain
AnencephalicWithout a brain
MeningoceleHerniation of the meninges
MyelodysplasiaAbnormal or lack of development of part of the spinal cord
NocturiaExcessive urination at night
EnuresisInvoluntary urination
UremiaBlood in urine
OligouriaDecrease in urine output

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