IPDM I Patient Counseling Exercise

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Methotrexate, GenericTrexall, Rheumatrex, Rasuvo
Methotrexate Indication/MOARA, Anti-Rheumatic Drug, Dec. RA symptoms
Methotrexate Dosing2.5 mg PO q12h for 3 doses/week, 7.5 mg PO/SC qweek
Methotrexate Counseling (1)Takes 4-8 weeks to see effects
Methotrexate Counseling (3)Avoid alcohol
Methotrexate Counseling (4)Take 1 g of Folate (Vit B9) daily (except on MTX day) to reduce MTX toxicity
Methotrexate Counseling (5)Pregnancy X, use contraceptives when on this and perform pregenancy test
Methotrexate Counseling (6)Perform Liver Function Test (LFT), CBC w/ Diff, SCr, and chest X-ray
Methotrexate Counseling (7)Rest, reduce weight, do exercises, eat Mediterranean food and get emotional support
Methotrexate Counseling (8)side effects like (SAM) Stomatitis, Alopecia, Mucositis, N/V


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Terazosin Generic(Hytrin)
Terazosin indication/MOABPH, HTN , Alpha 1-Adrenergic Receptor Antagonist, Decrease the symptoms of BPH and causes SM relaxation
Terazosin DosingInitial dosing: 1 hr Qhr. Usual dosing: 10-20 mg QD
Terazosin Counseling (1)Take at bedtime to sleep through side effects
Terazosin Counseling (2)It takes 1 - 6 wks to see the benefit
Terazosin Counseling (3)Monitor BP for Hypotension (be careful when getting up, dangle feet b4 getting up, get up slowly, elevate head in bed and avoid bending at waist)
Terazosin Counseling (4)Seek help if having erection lasting more than for hours
Terazosin Counseling (5)Avoid if having Cataract surgery
Terazosin Counseling (6) Stop smoking, minimize caffiene intake, Exercise
Terazosin Counseling (7)could feel light headed
Terazosin Counseling (8)Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome (IFIS), Priapism
Terazosin Counseling (9) observe a health lifestyle


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Colchicine GenericColcrys
Colchicine indications/MOAAcute Gouty Arthritis, Decrease inflammation
Colchicine DosingInitial 1.2 mg PO. Then 0.6 mg 1 hr later. Avoid concurrent use w/n 14 days if used previously for Gout. Use Colchicine w/n 36 hrs of first symptoms
Colchicine Counseling (1)Only use colchicine for gout pain
Colchicine Counseling (2)Monitor your WBC
Colchicine Counseling (3)if there is a severe renal/hepatic impairment, reduce dose
Colchicine Counseling (4)Do use use Niacin, Salicylates or diuretics, bc they may worsen gout
Colchicine Counseling (5)Loss weight, Exercise, reduce consumption of high fructose food like corn syrup, reduce meats, sea food and organs consumption
Colchicine Counseling (6) Could cause N/V, Diarrhea, myelosuppression (CDM)


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Mirabegron GenericMyrbetriq
Mirabegron indications/MOAOveractive bladder, B3 adrenergic agonist, increase bladder capacity
Mirabegron DosingInitial 25 mg QD then increase to 50 mg after 8 wks
Myrbetriq Counseling (1)Weight loss, exercise, reduce caffeine intake/fluid intake, habit training, pelvic muscle training (PMT), schedule voiding Electrical stimulation
Myrbetriq Counseling (2)Avoid alcohol, check BP,
Myrbetriq Counseling (3)Pelvic training
Myrbetriq Counseling (4)Side effect include UTI, HTN, Nasopharyngitis


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Oxybutynin GenericDitropan
Ditropan Indications/MOAit is antimuscranic, relaxes muscranic muscle and enhances bladder storage
Ditropan Dose2.5 -5 mg BID (for IR), 5-30 mg QD (for XL)
Ditropan Counseling (1)ABCDS
Ditropan Counseling (2)Loss weight, exercise,
Ditropan Counseling (3)Avoid mouthwash w/ alcohol, sip on water or suck on ice
Ditropan Counseling (4)Use sugar free candy
Ditropan Counseling (6)Eat food rich in fibre
Ditropan Counseling (7)Pelvic muscle training (PMT)
Ditropan Counseling (9)Avoid alcohol, could increase drowsiness


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Finasteride GenericProscar
Proscar indications/MOABPH, it shrinks BPH by 50% w/n 6-12 mo after therapy, 5-Alpha reductase inhibitor
Proscar dosing5 mg QD
Finasteride Counseling (1)Get PSA and DRE
Finasteride Counseling (2)If PSA does not decline by 50%w/n 6 mo, evaluate for prostate cancer
Finasteride Counseling (3)It takes 6-12 mo to see results
Finasteride Counseling (4)Avoid donating blood for w/n 6 mo
Finasteride Counseling (5)Avoid having unprotected sex
Finasteride Counseling (6)Pregnant women shd avoid semen from men taking this med
Finasteride Counseling (7)Loss weight, exercise, avoid alcohol, minimize caffeine intake, stop smoking
Finasteride Counseling (8)Gynecomastia, Decreased libido, Erectile dysfuncton, Ejaculation dysfunction


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Allopurinol GenericZyloprim
Zyloprim Indications/MOAUse for reducing/blocking Gout/UA,1st generation Urate Lowering Therapy (ULT), Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitor, Blocks formation of Uric Acid and reduce serum Uric Acid level
Zyloprim Dosing50 -100 mg QD, increase dose every 2 wk (btw 2-5wks) until target UA level, Max = 800 mg
Zyloprim Counseling (1)Might induce gout attack
Zyloprim Counseling (2)Take with Colcrys/NSAIDs for up to 6 mo
Zyloprim Counseling (3)Avoid Naicin, Salicylate, Diuretics (they worsen Gouts = see Colcrys above)
Zyloprim Counseling (4)Weight loss, Exercise, reduce alcohol
Zyloprim Counseling (5)Limit consumption of Fructose food like corn syrup
Zyloprim Counseling (6)take cognizance of hypersensitivity, Increase LFT, Acute Gout attack, Steven Johnson Syndrome (SJS)
Zyloprim Counseling (7)Asian descends (Koreans and Han Chinese Thai)


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Indomethacin genericIndocin
Indocin indications/MOAOsteoarthritis (OA), NSAID, decrease inflammation
Indocin DosingInitial 25 mg BID, increase to 50 mg TID
Indocin Counseling (1)Take w/ food
Indocin Counseling (2)Avoid alcohol, Weight loss, Exercise, Thermal agents, Assistive devices
Indocin Counseling (3)Be cognizance of GI bleeding/Ulcer, Renal impairment, Nausea, Heartburn, Abdominal Pain, Edema/fluid retention, HTN


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Taladafil GenericCialis, 5 mg QD
Taladafil Indications/MOAErectile dysfunction, BPH, Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor
Cialis Counseling (1)Avoid meds with Nitrates
Cialis Counseling (2)Wait atleast 48 hrs b4 takin Nitrate
Cialis Counseling (3)Loss weigh, exercise, reduce caffeine intake, stop smoking
Cialis Counseling (4)HDHD, headache, Dizziness, Hearing loss, Dyspepsia (indigestion)


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Estradiol GenericVagifem
Estradiol Indications/MOAOveractive bladder and Stress UI, enhance proliferation of muscranic cells
Vagifem dosing10 mcg 2x per week
Vagifem Counseling (1)Weight loss, Exercise, reduce fluid intake (caffeine), Habit training, Pelvic muscle training
Vagifem Counseling (2)Could cause N/V, Breast tenderness
Vagifem Counseling (3)Avoid ACEI and alpha antagonist


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Tamsulosin GenericFlomax
Flomax Indications/MOABPH and Overflow incontinent, A-1 Adrenergic Antagonist
Flomax dosing0.4 - 0.8 mg QD, increase in wkly intervals
Flomax Counseling (1)Take 30 min after meal
Flomax Counseling (2)do not crush or chew
Folmax Counseling (3)could cause Orthostatic hypotension
Flomax Counseling (4)Light headnessess, Dangle feet, do not bend, get up slowly and elevate head in bed
Flomax Counseling (5)If having erection lasting more than 4 hrs seek medical help
Flomax Counseling (6)loss weight, exercise, reduce caffeine intake, stop smoking
Folmax Counseling (7)Avoid if you having cataract surgery, Could experience Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome (IFIS)


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Bethanecol GenericUrecholine
Urecholine Indications/MOAOverflow Urinary Incontinent, Cholinergic, decrease symptoms of weak urine stream and straining
Urecholine Dosing5 mg QHS, increase dosing to 10 mg QID
Urecholine Counseling (1)Weight loss, Exercise, reduce caffeine, Habit training, scheduled voiding and pelvic training
Urecholine Counseling (2)Diarrhea, Urine urgency Seizure
Urecholine Counseling (3)Slow heart rate, Slow BP Asthma


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Pseudoephedrine GenericSudafed
Psuedoephedrine Indication/MOAStress incontinent, A-1 Adrenergic receptor agonist, vasoconstrictor
Psuedoephedrine Dosing15 mg TID
Psuedoephedrine Counseling (1)Weight loss, Exercise, reduce caffeine intake, Habit Training, Schedule voiding, Pelvic Muscle training
Pseudoephedrine Counseling (2)HTN, HA, Insomnia, Retslessness
Psuedoephedrine Counseling (3) Do no use if you have CAD, Tachycardia, MI, HTN, Narrowed angle Glaucoma or Renal failure, Do not take at bedtime


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Adalimumab GenericHumira
Humira Indication/MOARA, TNF-inhibitor, Human Monoclonal Antibody
Humira dosing40 mg SC every 2 weeks w/ or W/o MTX
Humira Counseling (1)refridgerate the med when not in use
Humira Counseling (2)take out out the refridgerator and let sit at room temp for 15-20 minutes
Humira Counseling (3)Do not shake the injection
Humira Counseling (4)Do not rub the injection site
Humira Counseling (5)Loss weigh, rest, employ Ot/PT, eat Mediterranean diet and get emotional support
Humira Counseling (6)Redness, itching, swelling, pain, bleeding at the injection site.


Question Answer
Methylprednisolone genericDepo-Medrol
Depo-Medrol Indication/MOAAcute Gout Arthritis, Corticosteroid, reduce inflammation
Depo-Medrol Dosing60 mg IM for 1 day, 100-150 mg for 1-2 days IM
Depo-Medrol Counseling (1)Healthy life style, Restrict fluid at bed time, reduce alcohol and caffeine intake, no alcohol
Depo-Medrol Counseling (2)Monitor BP, Monitor Glucose level in diabetic patients
Depo-Medrol Counseling (3)CUSHINGOID
Depo-Medrol Counseling (4)Cataracts, Cushing syndrome, Ulcer, Stretch marks, Skin thinning
Depo-Medrol Counseling (5)Hypertension, Hyperglycemia, Immunosuppression, Infection
Depo-Medrol Counseling (6)Necrosis of femoral heads, GI upset
Depo-Medrol Counseling (7)Osteoporosis, obesity
Depo-Medrol Counseling (8)Insomnia, Impaired wound
Depo-Medrol Counseling (9)Depression