Iowa is going to be so jealous

zijuzogu's version from 2018-01-29 18:21


Did you see it? Did you see him charge? Like—I’ve—he charged, Mom! Dad—did you see him charge? That’s—you know rhinos can’t really see well? Did you know that? I mean, they charge before they even know what they’re charging at and—that could have been us! You know? It was just the tent pack that fell off the jeep, but—man…It could have been us! (pause) This is the best trip ever!! (quick pause) First, there’s no hot water at the camp during the day so, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you haven’t made me take a shower since Thursday! And remember how the camp kitchen wasn’t working yesterday so we got to have Lucky Charms and popcorn at dinner? Plus, when you guys fell asleep last night, I played on my Kindle for 4 hours and got to level 5 in Geometry Dash Meltdown! I knew a safari would be cool. I mean, no school for 3 weeks in January? Score no matter what! But—to have a rhino almost gore us to death…You know how rare that is? ‘Cause they’re actually really gentle. But—he almost killed us. Us, Mom. (pause) Everyone in Iowa is gonna be so jealous.