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ManagementA process which brings together resources and unites them in such a way that, collectively, they achieve goals or objectives in the most efficient manner possible
Managementdoing things right
Managementimproving operational performance, maximizing revenues, and reducing expenses while increasing artistic production values and audience appreciation
Leadershipdoing the right things
Leadershipsetting organizational priorities and allocating human and fiscal resources to fulfill the organization’s vision.

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4 Basic Functions of Managers■ Planning ■ Organizing ■ Leading ■ Controlling
Planning ■ Setting goals and objectives ■ Strategies to achieve it ■ Focuses the organization to a single direction
Organizing■ Arrangement and relationship of activities and resources necessary for the effective accomplishment of a goal or objective ■ Establishing a structure for the organization ■ Determines individual jobs within it ■ Create authority for decision making
Leading or directing■ Involves bringing about purposeful action toward some desired outcome. ■ Directing and motivating employees to achieve organizational goals and objectives
Controlling or evaluation ■ Measuring performance and making necessary adjustments as needed ■ This step involves not only determining what actually happened but also why it happened.

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Effectivenesspromptly achieving a stated objective
Efficiency weighing of resources required to achieve an objective against what was actually achieved

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First line managers direct operating employees
First line managersForeman, supervisors
Middle managersdirect and coordinate the activities of other managers.
Middle managersDepartment manager, Regional Director
Top Manager responsible for the over all management of the organization.
Top Manager President, CEO, VP.
Functional manager responsible for only one organizational activity
Functional manager marketing, accounting, personnel.
General manager oversees a complex unit and he is responsible for all the activities of that unit/organization.
General manager unit/organization.

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Figureheada symbol of legal authority; performing ceremonial duties
FigureheadSigning of documents and receiving visitors
Leader(motivating subordinates to get the job done properly)
LiaisonServing as a link in a horizontal,
Liaisonvertical, chain of communication
Interpersonal RoleFigurehead/Leader/Liaison

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Nerve centerserving as a focal point for non-routine information;
Nerve center receiving all types of information
Disseminator transmitting selected information to subordinates
Spokespersontransmitting selected information to outsiders
informational RoleNerve center/Disseminator/Spokesperson

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EntrepreneurDesigning and initiating changes within the organization
Disturbance handlertaking corrective action in non-routine situations
Resource allocatordeciding exactly who should get what resources
NegotiatorParticipating in negotiating sessions with other parties to make sure the organization’s interests are adequately represented
Decisional RoleEntrepreneur/Disturbance handler/Resource allocator/Negotiator

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Managerial abilities■ Leadership ■ Oral communication and presentation skills ■ Written communication
Managerial abilities■ Planning and organizing ■ Information gathering and problem analysis ■ Decision-making
Managerial abilities■ Delegation and control ■ Self-objectivity (awareness of one’s strength and limitations) ■ Disposition to a willingness and desire to lead others in new directions
Customer IdentificationUse Brainstorming technique to identify your customers
Customer IdentificationUse to identify all those who are affected by the actions and outcomes of the organization

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Mission feeds the confidence of your organization
Visioncreates the momentum of anticipation about the future
VisionSuccess: Motives/Paints picture/inspires/Stretches boundaries