Introduction to financial documents

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Question Answer
receivables ledger departmentотдел регистра дебиторов
quotation(A document that shows how much an item or items will cost.) расценка
credit note A document to show a reduction in the amount owing to a supplier due to faulty or damaged goods being supplied. (возвратная накладная)
remittance advice Sent by the customer to the supplier to show that payment of their account has been made. (платежное извещение)
debit noteдебетовое авизо
Goods received note (GRN)This is an internal document that the customer would complete as an extra check that everything has been received that was ordered. (приходная накладная)
Delivery noteThis document accompanies the goods that are delivered and is signed by the customer when delivered. It can also be used by the supplier to check that the correct goods are being sent. (товарная накладная)
statementSent to a customer to remind them how much they owe the supplier, usually at the end of the month. (выписка)
InvoiceShows the customer how they much they owe the supplier for goods purchased on credit.
Purchase orderThe document that is completed by the customer and sent to the supplier showing what they would like to order. (Заказ на покупку)