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Service management functions includesafe workplace, equipment, scheduling, billing, quality assurance activity, ordering supplies, document research, supervising fieldwork students
When should OT use universal precautionsB4/after eating and seeing client, coughing, sneezing, talking gloves on/off, toileting, contact with oral/nasal areas
5 barriers for universal precautionsmasks, gloves, gowns, goggles, aprons
#1 method hand washing
Agency developed hand washingCDC
IEP stands forIndividualized education plan
What is IEPschool system documentation for OT services
Workers compensation fundingprivate
definition of workers complaw providing compensation for work-related injuries
evidence based practiceusing research to back up techniques and methods in therapy
where should flammable obj be storedlocked metal cabinet
SOAPsubjective, objective, assessment, plan
what are procedure codesbased on specific services performed by healthcare provides; use for billing payments

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OTA/OT role in splintingmodify, check for consistency, make sure it works.....Decides what type
PAM stands forPhysical agent modalities
Types of PAMSsound, light, water, electricity, and temperature
examples of heathotpads, whirlpools, ultrasound
examples of coldcold packs and ice
examples of electricalTENS, FES, NMES
TENS stands fortranscutaneous electrical nerve conduction
TENS does whatmoves your hand
FES stands for(ESTIM) functional electrical stimulation
FES does whatHits nerves to function muscles
NMES stands forneuromuscular electrical stimulation
NMES does whathits nerves to function muscles
light therapy does whatSADS disease
examples of prepmassage, stretch, ultrasound, splinting, orthodotics, and therapeutic exercise
media/medium use in activitysupplies/equipment
definition of methodincludes steps, sequences, or approaches to activate therapeutic effect of medium
definition of gradingmake it harder/easier
definition of adaptingmake it so patient can be successful

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Therapuetic use of occupations and adaptions (4)prep, purposeful, simulated/contrived, occuapation based
any appartaus used to support, align, prevent or correct deformities to improve function of moveable parts of bodyorthotic device
credits for hand therapy25
orthopedic device for immobilization, restraint, or support of any body partsplint
purposeful acitivty makes sure that the activity isautnomatic and natural
simulated or contrived activity's end product isno end product; not purposeful
occupation/puposeful differenceoccupation: find meaning and return to it...purposeful goal directed behavior that comprise occupations
subjectivestate what happened
objectivenot bias, measurable
assessmentyour thoughts
planspecific plan of action
3 types of fundingpublic, private, other
Other funding isfoundations, clubs, volunteer
private funding isbluecross, wellmark, workers comp
Public funding ismedicare/medicaid, SS
diagnostic codes are based onclients medical condition
procedural codes are based onspecific servies provided
4 steps in evidence based practiceform question that can be reseached, search literature for best evidence, look for valitidy and try with client, if it works, try it again

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