Intro. to SLP exam 1

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What are the different classification of communication disorder?Articulation, voice, hearing, language, literature, fluency, cognition
What is articulation disorder?Child cannot produce speech sound, often results of inaccurate tongue placement
what is phonological disorder?errors of several phonemes, forming patterns as the child simplifies sounds
What is Motor speech disorder?Neurological impairments that affect motor planning/ coordination (apraxia, dysarthria)
What is language disorder?Receptive language: how they understand what is heard, Expressive language: HOw they verbally communicate.
What is fluency disorder?Stuttering, Cluttering - abnormally fast speech with omission of sounds and syllables
What is voice disorder?Dysphonia: rough, raspy, and hoarse voice, Aphonia: the lost of the person voice.
What is an articulation disorder?sth wrong with physical production of making the sound
What are some reasons, etiologies for why children might exibit articulation or phonological disorder?Normal variation, environmental problem, physical impairments or differences
What are four types of articulation errors?SUBSTITUTION, wabibt for rabbit, OBMISSION, moke for smoke, ADDITION, DISTORTION
What is meant by a language disorder?impaired comprehension, or use of spoken, written, or other symbol system
what is language difference?an expressive language that is affected by cultural and linguistic diversity
What is specific language impairment (SLI)?a receptive language or expressive language not attributed to any general specific cause or condition. SOMETIMES called PRIMARY LANGUAGE DISORDER.
What is literacy?the ability to communicate through written language includes reading and writing
What are some language-base problems experienced by children with literacy disorders?Deficits in phonological processing, problem in word recognition and spelling
What are some language-base problems experienced by adolescents with literacy disorders?reading, writing and academics Ex: difficulties in reading to learn, write shorter compositions with many errors, academic difficulties can lead to career limitation, effects on interpersonal relationships

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