Intro to DR and PACS

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First uses of digital imaging wasCT scanner
What is digital imaging?production of electronic image- Fuji
1980sPACS and MRI
1981FUJI, Photostimulable phosphor plate/ casette
What are the two types of digital imaging?CR and DR

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What does computed radiography use?Photostimulable phosphor plate/ plate reader
Explain process the computed radiography usesPSP is placed within the reader, plate has crystals with electrons, the reader takes the plate out, the red light scans it and releases energy in the form of light
two types of digital radiographyDirect and Indirect
Direct digital radiographyx ray photons strict IR, are absorbed by a special device and automatically converted to an electrical signal
Indirect digital radiography2 step: photons are absorbed by device, converted into light, light is collected by another device and converted into electrical signal
FDPFlat panel detector

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Matrixseries of boxes in rows and columns
Matrix range512x512 or 1024x1024
Voxel3D volume of tissue that each pixel makes
Pixels represent what color?gray
Increase matrix, decrease pixel =best recorded detail
resolution is dependent on what?pixel size
decrease pixel= _________ resolutionincrease

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Histogramgraphs energy values
Look up tableapplied through algorithms that is set to a specific contrast and brightness for an exam
Spatial resolutionsmall detail of object
Noisetwo types; equipment noise and quantum noise
equipment noisesignals in detector (background)
quantum noiseinsufficient number of photons increase mAs (grainy)
Detective Quantum Efficiency measures % of photons absorbed after they hit the IR

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Exposure indicatortells if the appropriate technique was used
Fujis#, low S#= overexposed
kodak/carestreamhigh #= overexposed; direct relationship
What does PACS stand for?Picture Archiving Communicating System
What is PACS?Network of computers, servers, and archives, used to manage digital images
DICOMhandles, stores digital imaging
RISschedule, report
HISfull medical info, biling

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