Intro To clinical procedures quiz

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T/F: The synthesis of NE starts with Acetyl CoA and CholineFalse - (NE from tyrosine_> dopa->dopamine->norep->ep in adrenal medulla)
What adrenergic receptors does NE act on?Alpha and Beta1 ( nE not good with B2 )
Biosynthesis of Epinephrine... what is the enzyme of the rate-limiting step?Tyrsosine Hydroxylase
Biosynthesis of epi... what are the steps?Tyrosine --> Dopa --> Dopamine --> nor-epinephrine --> epinephrine
T/F: Tyrosine Hydroxylase is the termination enzyme of Epinephrine BiosynthesisFalse (Rate-limiting enzyme)
T/F: Raymond Ahiquist from MCG was the first to classify adrenergic receptors into alpha and betaTrue
T/F: Raymond Ahlqvist from MCG was the first to classify cholinergic receptors into alpha and betaFalse (adrenergic)
. What does sympathomimetic mean: a. false transmitter, b. sympathetic antagonist, c. sympathetic inhibitor, d.none of the above.None of the above (sympathetic agonist... )
What receptors do Labetalol and Carvedilol act on?A1, A2, B1, B2 (non-selective adrenergic agonists.... should note that Carvedilol acts on all but has greater effect on beta and greater effect on HR)
Tyramine (MAOI) has a potent drug interaction so it is not used very oftentrue (main use is atypical depression)
high epi concentration stimulates _____ receptors causing _______; low epi concentrations stimulate ____ receptors causing ______Alpha receptors --> vasoconstriction; Beta2 receptors --> Vasodilation
Phenoxybenzamine is limited to treatment of what condition?pheochromocytoma
T/F: Guanethidine is an adrenergic nerve blocking agent that uncouples excitiation release mechanism to prevent release of NE- is also a false transmitterTrue
T/F: Guanethidine inhibits adrenergic nerve terminals of NETrue
______ ________: have oxytocic effect on uterine aka increase contraction, limited alpha blocker, treat parkinsonsErgot Alkaloids
T/F: Pilocarpine crosses BBB and is orally administered.True
list 2 drugs that are cardiostaticpropranolol, carvedilol
Which is NOT an effect of a PNS blocker? (so just review the effects of PNS blocker in table in another page)increase intraocular pressure, M&C, bronchodilation, inhibit saliva, decrease gut motility, increae HR, increae urinary retention, decrease sweating but increase temp, mydriasis and cycloplegia are effects on eye of PNS blockers
Cholinomimetics have the following effects EXCEPT (so just review the effects of cholinomimetics)cholinomimetics cuase bronchoconstriction, hypotension by relase of NO, increase SLUD ( ulcer, cramps)
Oranophosphates like insecticides and lethal gasses work by affecting ____Acetylcholinesterse (irreversible binding) (**wasn't a choice so answer was none of the above**)
T/F: Peripheral Anticholinesterase can cause death from respiratory failure.true
T/F: Xerostomia is caused by Anti-muscarinicsTrue
______ (drug class) are given to prevent vagal reflex during anesthesiaAnti-muscarinics
How does Neostigmine affect skeletal muscles?directly binding to NMJ reverse NM blockade
T/F: Succinylcholine causes flaccidity of muscleTrue
All of the following are symptoms of cholinergic crisis except: Vaso-_______Vasocontriction (also vaso-explosion... but i don't think that will be a choice)

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