Intro to Bio-Mitosis & Meiosis

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Mitosis Prophasechromosomes condense, nuclear envelope degrades, mitotic spindles assemble
Mitosis Metaphasechromosomes line up along the middle
Mitosis Anaphase sister chromatids (dyads) are pulled apart to opposite poles
Mitosis Telophasechromosomes de-condense, nuclear envelope reforms, mitotic spindles degrade
What is the product of Mitosis?2 diploid daughters (46 chromosomes) that are identical to mother cell

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Meiosis Prophase Ichromosomes condense, synapsis, crossing over, nuclear envelope degrades, centriole pairs move toward opposite poles
Meiosis Metaphase I tetrads align along the middle, with the paternal & maternal homologues facing different poles
Meiosis Anaphase I tetrads pulled apart, with one homologue (2 sister chromatids) for each chromosome pulled to each end
Meiosis Telophase Inuclear envelope reforms
What is the product of Meiosis I?2 haploid daughters (23 chromosomes), 2 sister chromatids per chromosome (46 chromatids)

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Meiosis Prophase IInuclear envelope degrades, new spindles form
Meiosis Metaphase IIspindle fibers bind to both sides of centromeres
Meiosis Anaphase IIsister chromatids pulled apart to opposite poles
Meiosis Telophase IInuclear envelope reforms

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What is the function of a centromere?To join chromatids
What are chromatids?Duplicated copies of the same chromosome
What is the division of the nucleus?Karyokinesis
What is the division of the nucleus?Cytokinesis

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Why don't plant cells have a cleavage furrow?Plant cells have a rigid cell wall -> can't pinch
What do plant cells form instead of a cleavage furrow?Plant cells form a cell plate
What are the four regions of the onion root?1. Region of Maturation 2. Region of Elongation 3. Meristematic Region 4. Root Cap
In an onion root, what is the region of active division?The Meristematic Region