Intro To Art 1010

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Save yourself a whole lot of trouble by studying these art terms from college! Good luck!

Paint Techniques & Art Terms

PigmentMixed with a binder, color from organic or chemicals
Buon Fresco"true fresco"
BinderSubstance in paints, pigment adheres to another or support
MediumMaterial from which a work of art is made
FrescoUsually a wall or ceiling coated in plaster
AcrylicFast-drying paint (similar to oil, but more modern)
TemperaDiluted with water and applied in a broad wash
GessoMixure of white pigment and glue sealed wood, sanded and rubbed smooth into a fine finish


TemperaNaturally occurring emulsion is egg yolk
Buon FrescoPaint made of pigment and water applied to wet lime plaster
OilConsists of pigment compounded with oil (usually linseed oil)
VehicleLiquid compounded with pigment to make paint
GlazesThin Translucent veils of color applied over a think layer of underpainting
SupportSurface of an artwork, canvas, paper, wood, wall
GroundPrepatory coating of paint, applied to support for painting or drawing
PrimerPreliminary coating applied to a painting support to improve adhesion


TemperaForms drawn gradually w/cross hatching strokes
GouacheWatercolor w/inert white pigment added
CanvasStretched over a wooden frame, sized w/glue to seal fibers, coated w/white oil based ground
EncausticPaints that consist of pigment mixed with wax and resin
Buon FrescoAs plaster dries, the chemical transforms and acts as a binder fusing pigment w/a plaster surface
Alla PrimaItalian for "all in one go"
AcrylicStrong, weatherproof, industrial paint using synthetic plastic resin
Nonaqueous MediaRequire turpentine or mineral spirits with paint


FrescoPigments mixed with water and applied to a plaster support
OilCreates as it dries a transparent film where the pigment is suspended
EncausticWhen colors are heated, wax melts and paint can be brushed easily
AqueousMedia that can be diluted with water
TemperaUsed on wood panel support prepared by a ground of gesso
GouacheVirtually colorless in paint, serves to make colors opaque
EncausticWax cools and paint hardens
CollageFrench for "pasting/gluing/attaching actual objects


ImpastoItalian meaning "paste"
Alla PrimaOpaque colors on white ground
ImpastoApplied like frosting
GrisailleCompleted painting in black & white
EncausticAfter painting is completed a "burning in" as a heat source is passed close to the surface of the painting to fuse the colors
FrescoWall painting technique
WatercolorPigment in a vehicle of water and gum arabic
GouacheWell-suited for large areas of flat saturated color


FrescoBeen used for large-scale murals since ancient times
TemperaDries to a tough insoluable film
FrescoOnly way an artist can correct mistakes or change forms is to let plaster dry and chip away and start all over
GrisailleColored glazes are then applied over the monochrome image
FrescoSurvived from ancient mediteranean
AcrylicPolymer paints
GouacheDries quickly and uniformly
CaseinVehicles that is used to make tempera
FrescoDry plaster