Intro test 2

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Question Answer
AOTAexist to protect and promote; provides communication network; standard and conduct performance; guards the interest of members
OTA’s official publicationAmerican Journal of OT
Who can be a member of AOTAanyone
Which is not part of volunteer sector of AOTAbusiness operation part of it; in Philadelphia
National conference is held every yearIT CHANGES EVERY YEAR
What does AOTPAC stand forAmerican Occupational Therapy Political Action Committee
what does AOTPAC doDealing with Capitol Hill and political relations
Policy making body of AOTA? Representative assembly
NBCOTcredential; to serve the public interest
SDBMOEprotect health and welfare of citizens
purpose of professional organizationcommunication network, enforce standard conduct; guards interest
Paid position within SDOTAadmin assist and lobbyist
policy making body of association and link action on professional issuesRA/Congress
Bodies of assemblyRA leadership, commission/committees/council, and rep assembly coordinatin council

Section 2

Question Answer
AOTF definition and what they do for youAdvance research, education, and leadership in the field of OT; raise awareness
Know what type of continuing education that AOTA offersArticles OT practice, workshops, and clinical courses
WFOT definitioninternational representative for OT around the world; official promotion of OT
Part of Assembly commission, committees, and councilseducation; practice, ethics, special interest, CCCPD, agenda, bylaws/policies/procedure, credential review/accountability; nominating; recognition
Know what division is not part of AOTA; these are part of it Representative assembly coordinating council; RA leadership team; commissions; committees/ councils of assembly
List 3 ways that you can participate in your local organizationvp, pres, secretary
List 3 benefits of membership for aota, WFOT, or state organizationsdiscounts, exclusive tools, and resources, grow knowledge; stay up to date on relevant news and legislation
Can students be a part of the representative assembly? Yes

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