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Section 1

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Centennail visionOT is powerful, recognized, science driven, evidence based with global connection and diverse workforce meeting occupational needs
dersire for elderlyaging in place
What can OT do for driver rehabvehicle modifcation and assess cog/visible ability to refer them
Driver rehab cannottake or give away license
when do we need to assess drivingafter trauma, illnesss, or decline in function
children #1 problemobesity
science of fitting people to jobsergonomis
research that supports decision in practice; shows therapy is cost effective and beneficialevidence based practice
participitory research helpsclose gab betwwen acadmeia and research practice
participatory research involvesclinician, client and other faculty
provides protection for discriminationADA
3 categories of OT personnelOT, OTA, OT Aides
Accrediation for school; entry levelACOTE
What does ACOTE stand foraccredidation council for OT education
approval can take the ____ examnational
NBCOT stands fornational board certification for OT
what regulates ACOTE?NBCOT
School need for OT/OTA6;2
fieldwork for OT/OTA24; 16
who created OT examAOTA
must apply to ___ to be accreditedstandards
level one/2 difference1 no need for supervision; 2 supervision

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3 levels of proffessional performance you can getentry, intermediate, and advanced
connection of deiff roles to one another isrelationship
after graduation you areentry level
daily contact at worksitedirect
contact every 2 weeksroutine
monthly contactgeneral
contact only as neededminimal
professional development units needed36
working together in same setting but not co-treatingmulti
cotreat and interact togetherinterdisciplinary
activity director requiresno supervision
return to normal staterestoration
phsycial restoration by theraputic measuresrehab
adjust to environmentadaption
method make up for damage unable to restorecompensation technique

Section 3

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grouping that enables OT to categorize problemssphere practice
carpal tunnel outpaitentbiological
vetran: PTSDpsychological
development delay; find jobsociological
Federal levelVA, public health hospital/clinic and indeian health service
state levelmental hospitals; state school
localcounty hospital, clinic, rehab clinics
public health agencies examplesVA and Easter seals
shortest stay is acute care
hospital shorter stay because of what actPerspective payment system
emerged fom 70slong term care and community mental health centeres
offers setting to live there foreverall inclusive
remedying a problemremediation
3 sphere of practicebiological, psychological, and sociological