Intrinsic Back Muscle Attachments-Origins by Kayla M

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Splenius capitisLower ligamentum nuchae, SPs & supraspinous lig. C7-T3(T4)
Splenius cervicisSPs & supraspinous ligament T3-T6
Iliocostalis lumborumCommon tendon
Iliocostalis thoraciscostal angles of lower 6 ribs
Iliocostalis cerviciscostal angles of ribs 3-6
Longissimus thoracisCommon tendon, accessory process of lumbar vertebrae
Longissimus cervicisTVPs T1-T5
Longissimus capitisTVPs + inferior APs T1-T5
Spinales thoracisSPs T11-L2
Spinales cervicisoften absent
Spinales capitis often blended with fibers from semispinalis capitis
Semispinalis thoracisTVPs T7-T12
Semispinalis cervicisTVPs T1-T5, APs C4-C7
Semispinalis capitisTVPs C7 & T1-T6, inferior articular processes C4-C6
Multifidus SacralisPosterior surface of sacrum
Multifidus lumborumMammillary processes L1-L5
Multifidus thoracisTVPs T1-T12
Multifidus cervicisTVPS C4-C7
Rotatores longus & brevis (regionally lumborum, thoracis, & cervicis)TVPs
Levator costorum longus & brevisTips of TVPs C7-T11
Interspinales & intertrasnersariiSPs of cervical & lumbar vertebrae

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