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Section 1

Question Answer
意識ishiki / concious, sense
驚くodoroku / to be surprised
改善kaizen / to improve
禁止kinshi / prohibition, ban
繰り返すkurikaesu / to repeat
好意的kouiteki / favourable
才能sainou / talent
参考sankou / reference
指摘shiteki / to point out
実験jikken / experiment
条件jyouken / condition
素敵suteki / wonderful, lovely
投書tousho / letter to the editor
途中tochyuu / halfway
懐かしいnatsukashii / to bring back old memories
本音honnne / real intention
必死hisshi / desperate
一筋hirosuji / earnest
評価hyouka / evaluation
飽きるakiru / to get bored
快適kaiteki / comfortable
画一化kakuitsuka / standardisation
堅苦しいkatakurushii / too formal, too serious
勝手katte / without consulting anyone
基準kijun / standard
強制kyousei / enforcement
緊張感kinchoukan / tense or nervous feelings
個性kosei / individuality
受験jyuken / entrance examination
素直にsunaoni / without bitterness
注目欲求chuumokuyokkyuu / desire to be the centre of attention
登場toujyou / to appear
討論touron / debate
悩み事nayamigoto / troubles, worries
反抗期hankouki / rebellious age
比率hiritsu / ratio
貧部の差hinbu no sa / gap between the rich & poor

Section 2

Question Answer
てっきりxと思っていたi was so sure / convinced that x (and was wrong)
意外に xsurprisingly, / to one's surprise, x
xによる(よらない)depends on x / (te form is 'depending on x')
xますform まくるto keep x-ing intensely, immerse oneself in x-ing
まさかx(plain past/present negative) だろうね・まさかx(plain past/present) んじゃないだろうねdon't tell me that... x
顔に出るto show one's face
xのに必死だto do x tirelessly
AよりB(の)方がましだwould rather do B than A / the lesser of two evils
思わずunintentionally / involuntarily
x(noun) でごまかす ・ x(verb)てごまかすto cover up or gloss over x
かえってon the contrary
せめてx(noun) くらい(だけ)はat least (its just) x
ろくにxないnot x properly / not x enough
こっそりsecretly / stealthily / on the sly
x(noun) で済ませる・x(noun) なしで済ませるmake do with x / make do without x
ちょっとやそっとじゃx(verb)ないnot x so easily
素直にpurely / sincerely / without bitterness / like a perfect child
勝手にx(verb)to do x without consulting anyone / one's own way
x (noun の・が;verb) ないx(noun)なんてcan't imagine x without x
かりにx(verb)let's assume x / hypothetically, x
それはそうかもしれないけどthat may be true, but...
一概にindiscriminately / unconditionally
x(noun) につながるlead to x
だめでもともとyou have nothing to lose

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