International Marketing Ch. 3 Key Terms

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Section 1

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culture intergrated system of learned behavior patterns that are distingusied characterisitcs
acculturationadapting to a culture, different than one's own
hgih context cultureJapan/Saudi Arabia; speaker and listener rely on a common understanding of context
low context cultureUSA/Canada; Most info is expilicitly contained in words
change agentintroducing new products or ideas and practices

Section 2

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culture imperialismchnages brought about are dramatic or adaptations are not made
cultural universals manisfestations of the total way of life for any group or people
back translationtranslating of a foreign language version back to original language by a different person
cultural convergence(McDonalds) similarities between different  cultures in the same nation are driven by global and common brands
focus groupsgroup of 8-12 of target audience who can be interviewed

Section 3

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in-depth studiesused to study consumer needs across markets (Intel)
infrastructureconsists of transportation, energy, and communications; housing, health, education; banks and research firms
reference groupsprovide values and attitudes that become influential in shaping behavior
social stratificationdivision of a particular population into classes
factual knowledgeobtained through research, communication, and education
experiential knowledgebeing involved in a culture other than ones own (experience)

Section 4

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slef reference criterionunconcious reference to one's own cutural values
ethnocentrismbelief that one's own culture is superior to others
cultural assimilatortrainees respond to specific scenarios ina particuar country