Internal Medicine

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Question Answer Column 3
Common-Cold d/t wind-coldexpel wind, resolve cold, release the exterior, open the LULI20, LU7, SI7 (Luo), UB12 (wind‐shu), GB20, LI4. If body ache (esp traps), +Du14, UB13 (Feishu), GB21, cupping.
Common-Cold d/t wind-heatexpel wind, clear heat, benefit LU Qi (aka open LU)LU10, LU5 (benefit water/fluids), LU7, ST44 + LI11 (protect fluids), Du14 (very good for superficial patterns), SJ5. If throat is painful, +bleed LU11. If w/ dry constipation, +bleed LI1. With high fever and convulsions in children, +Du26, Shi Xuan
Common-Cold d/t summer dampclear heat, expel dampness (expel rather than resolve, it's exterior), release the exterior, harmonize the interiorLU6 (open the LU + superficial), LI4, LU5, ST36, Ren12 (harmonize MJ), SJ6 (regulate Qi, water metabolism). If high fever, +Du14. If diarrhea (damp type), +ST25, SP9. If Qi Xu (possibly from serious diarrhea or late stage summer‐heat), UB43, Ren6.
Common-Cold d/t Dryness-Ear seeds (LU area) are a good choice for most patients (ensure they have good hygiene esp in the summer).For those of weaker constitution, suggest preventative treatments, such as LI20, LI4 acupressure. In Yang Xu, moxa ST36.
Common-Cold d/t Ext. Wind/cold causing Cough (Ke Sou)Release wind, resolve cold, open LU, stop coughLU7, UB13, LI4, SJ5. If headache, +Du23, Taiyang. If body ache, +UB60, LI7.
Common-Cold d/t Ext. Wind/heat causing Cough (Ke Sou)Release wind, clear heat, open LU, stop coughLU5, UB13, LI11, Du14. If severe throat symptoms, +bleed LU11. If sweating occurs, but still has aversion to wind, +LI4, SJ5. If profuse sweating, protect fluids/Yin +KD7, SP10, SP6
Common-Cold d/t Ext. damp/phlegm causing Cough (Ke Sou)resolve phlegm/damp, regulate LU Qi, strengthen SP, stop cough.ST40, UB20, SP3 (Yuan/Shu combination), SP9, UB13, LU9, LI4 (LU/LI relationships, move Qi). If severe cough w/ wheezing, +Dingchuan (0.5 cun lateral to Du14). If strong chest oppression, bloating, +PC6, ST36, Ren12.
Common-Cold d/t LV Fire Attacking LU causing Cough (Ke Sou)drain fire, calm LV, clear LU, resolve phlegm (if present), stop coughUB13, UB18, LV2, LU8 (Jing‐River benefits cough). If dry throat, +KD6 (Yin‐Qiao reaches throat), LU7. If cough w/ blood, +LU6 (Xi‐Cleft).
Lung Abscess (Fei Yong) d/t Wind/heat or wind/coldresolve pathogenUB13, Ren17, LU5, ST40, LI11. If in early stage, +LU10, SJ5. If 2nd stage, w/ chest pain, fever, +Du14 (bleed or plum‐needle, cup), LU11, LU1. If 3rd stage (tissue rotting), +Dingchuan, LU1. In recovery stage, tonify Qi/Blood (SP) ST36, KD3. If dry, hard constipation, +LI1 ('Fu Di Chou Xin' ‐ remove the wood from the stove). If lingering chest pain, move Qi/Blood +UB17, PC6
Lung Abscess (Fei Yong) d/t Phlegm/heatresolve pathogenUB13, Ren17, LU5, ST40, LI11. If in early stage, +LU10, SJ5. If 2nd stage, w/ chest pain, fever, +Du14 (bleed or plum‐needle, cup), LU11, LU1. If 3rd stage (tissue rotting), +Dingchuan, LU1. In recovery stage, tonify Qi/Blood (SP) ST36, KD3. If dry, hard constipation, +LI1 ('Fu Di Chou Xin' ‐ remove the wood from the stove). If lingering chest pain, move Qi/Blood +UB17, PC6
Wheezing d/t Cold Yinwarm the LU to resolve cold, resolve phlegm, control wheezingLU7, LU5, UB12, UB13, Ren17, Ren22, ST40. f nasal congestion, +LI20, ST3. If body pain (wind/cold), +GB20, GB21, LI7 (Xi‐Cleft).
Wheezing d/t Phlegm-Heatlear the heat, open LU, resolve the phlegm, control wheezing. Use reducing manipulations on Taiyin, Yangming (esp if constipation present).LI4, Du14 (both release exterior, clear heat), LU1, LU6, UB13, LU5 (Ren17, Ren22, ST40 still appropriate). If wheezing seriously, +LU2, cupping.
Wheezing in Stable stage (probably Asthma)tonify Zheng Qi (of appropriate organs), resolve phlegm, control wheezing. Use Taiyin, Backshu tonifying manipulations (except phlegm pts). Likely use moxa (with caution in asthmatics)Dingchuan, LU9, UB43 (used for Xu patterns; the Gaohuang Shu is where extremely deep and chronic pathogens reside), UB13, If LU/SP Xu, +UB20, ST36. If copious phlegm, +SP9. If LU/KD Xu, +UB23, KD3. If palpitation, profuse sweating, cold limbs, purple tongue treat HT Yang (syncope possible, refer to ER) +HT7, PC6. Ear pts are useful (LU/SP/KD), Qiguan, Pingchuan, Shenmen. Special moxa treatment on 'Fujiu' pts ‐ UB13 43 20 23 esp for kids.
Pulmonary Tuberculosis (Fei Laotonify Zheng QiLU9, UB13, UB43, ST36, SP 6. If Yang Xu, +moxa. Build Zheng Qi, Earth to benefit Metal. Often LV is an important component, as TB is extremely stressful condition.
Dyspnea (Chuan Zheng)if excess, resolve phlegm, unblock Qi. If deficiency, tonify and consolidate QiUB13, Ren17, Ren22, LU10, Dingchuan ‐ these are common to all Chuan Zheng patterns. If cold, +UB12, LI4, moxa. If exterior heat, +UB12, LU5, Du14. If phlegm, +ST40, LI11, SP9, Ren12. If emotional trigger, +LU1, LV14, LV3, PC6. If LU Qi Xu, +LU9, Ren6. If KD Xu, +UB23, Ren4, KD3, moxa.
Lung Distention (Fei Zhang)If Excess ‐ EPI manifestations such as wind/cold or heat, or phlegm (turbid, heat). IF Xu ‐ Yang, Yin. Identify how many organs are involved, eg just LU or also SP (appetite affected).UB13, LU9, Ren17. f wind/cold or heat, release exterior. If phlegm, +ST40, Ren12, ST36. If phlegm/heat (likely infection present, refer to ER), +Du14, LI11, ST40. If HT Shen disorder (delirium, restless, somnolence), urgent need for ER care; +Du26, PC6, UB15. If Yang Xu and water retention, HT SP KD involved; warm/tonify Yang Qi +UB23, Ren4, SP9, moxa on Ren8, Ren6. If Qi Xu (LU, KD), will have very shallow breath, cannot lay down. Cough w/ phlegm. Tonify LU, KD and SP, w/ moxa. +UB23, KD3, Ren6, ST36.


Question Answer Column 3
Palpitation (Xin Ji) d/t HT Qi Xutonify HT Qi, calm Shen. Use backshu/front‐mu pts with tonifying manipulations.UB14, UB15, Ren14 (HT Mu), PC5, HT7. If easily frightened, +PC7. If excessively sweating, +UB43 (Gaohuangshu). Fu Ling is a good and gentle herb to suggest.
Palpitation (Xin Ji) d/t HT Blood Xunourish blood to calm palpitations. Avoid overthinking, overwork. Suggest eating Long Yan Rou/Longan fruit.UB17 (blood shu), HT5, UB44 (aligned with UB15), UB20, ST36. If restless with excessive dreaming, +PC8 (Ying‐Spring). If red/flushed face, +KD3. If tinnitus, +SJ3.
Palpitation (Xin Ji) d/t Phlegm/Fireclear fire, resolve phlegm. Use very reducing manipulationsHT4 (Jing‐River), PC4, UB13, LU5, ST40. If chest oppression, +PC6, Ren17. Insomnia, +ST45. Hard BM, +ST25, UB25. If more phlegm based, +SJ6.
Palpitation (Xin Ji) d/t Blood Stasismove blood and resolve stasis, strengthen HT Yang. Depending on the pattern, use tonifying or reducing methods.HT3, PC3 (both He‐Sea pts), moxa Ren 6/8, SP10. If pulse is very weak, +PC6, LU9. Shen Fu (Ren Shen and Fu Zi) formula.
Palpitation (Xin Ji) d/t Fluid Retentionstrengthen HT Yang + Qi, resolve water. Use tonifying methods, moxa.UB15, Ren14, HT7, UB20, UB22 (SJ shu, drain water), UB23. It is possible the patient will be unable to lie down due to the water accumulation.
Insomnia (Bu Mei or Shi Mian) d/t HT & SP Xutonify SPUB15, UB17, UB20, SP6, HT7. If excessive dreaming, +UB42. If forgetful, +UB52. Longan fruit, lotus seed are appropriate. Suggest rest, more tonifying diet.
Insomnia (Bu Mei or Shi Mian) d/t HT & GB Qi Xutonify Qi, calm Shen?
Insomnia (Bu Mei or Shi Mian) d/t HT/KD DisharmonyNourish Yin, drain fire, nourish HT to calm ShenPC7, KD3, HT7, LV3. If dizziness, +GB20. If tinnitus, +SI19. If poor memory, +UB52, Du20
Insomnia (Bu Mei or Shi Mian) d/t LV Fire Risingclear heat, drain fire, soothe LV. Use reducing manipulationsLV2, GB44, ST44, GB20. If red eyes, +Taiyang, LI5. Tinnitus, +SJ17, SJ3.
Insomnia (Bu Mei or Shi Mian) d/t ST Disharmony (Phlegm/Fire)harmonize the ST, resolve phlegm, clear heat. Use reducing methods on Ren, ST, SPRen12 (front Mu of ST), ST40, ST45, SP1, LI4, PC6 (both to move Qi).
Chest Bi (Xiong Bi) d/t Deficient Coldwarm + tonify HT Yang, resolve cold. Use tonifying manipulations and moxa.UB14, UB15, PC6, HT5 (Luo), Ren4, Ren6 (moxa), Du4. Avoid cold food and drink.
Chest Bi (Xiong Bi) d/t Turbid Phlegmunblock Yang, resolve turbid phlegm. Use reducing manipulations (not treating root Xu at this time).PC4, Ren14, ST40, Ren17, LU9 (to influence vessels). If radiating chest pain, +UB13, UB15, cupping. If shortness of Qi, +moxa UB24, Ren6. Suggest cinnamon, garlic, ginger.
Chest Bi (Xiong Bi) d/t Blood Stasismove blood, resolve stasis, unblock collateralsRen17, Ren14, HT6, UB15, UB17. If tongue/lips purple, bleed LU11, HT9, PC9 (not to drain heat, to promote circulation) ‐ seek ER care immediately


Question Answer Column 3
Bleeding Disorders (Xue Zheng) Haemoptysis (cough w/ blood) d/t LV Fire Attacking LUdrain LV fire, clear the LU, harmonize the collaterals, stop bleeding. Use reducing manipulations.LV2, LU10, UB13, PC8 (Jueyin connection, also 'draining the son'). Consider using bleeding techniques.
Bleeding Disorders (Xue Zheng) Haemoptysis (cough w/ blood) d/t LU Yin Xu/Xu Firenourish Yin, clear heat, benefit LU, stop bleeding. Prefer LU and KD pts.LU5, LU6, LU10, KD2, Bailao (on rear of neck), UB43
Bleeding Disorders (Xue Zheng) Haematemesis (vomit w/ blood) d/t ST Heatclear and drain ST heat/fire to stop bleedingST44, Ren13 (descends ST), PC4
Bleeding Disorders (Xue Zheng) Haematemesis (vomit w/ blood) d/t LV Fire Attacking STclear LV, harmonize STLV3, GB43, ST19, ST34 (Xi‐Cleft), PC8, Ren13
Bleeding Disorders (Xue Zheng) Haematemesis (vomit w/ blood) d/t SP/ST Qi Xutonify SP/ST Qi, hold the blood. Use tonifying manipulations, moxa.SP1, ST36, Ren12, UB20
Bleeding Disorders (Xue Zheng) Epistaxis (nose bleeding) d/t LU Heatclear LU heat, cool blood, stop bleedingLU10, LU11, LU3, LI4, Du24, Du16
Bleeding Disorders (Xue Zheng) Epistaxis (nose bleeding) d/t SP Heatclear heat, drain fire, stop bleeding.ST45, LI2, SP1 (bleed), Du23, Ren12 (descend Qi)
Bleeding Disorders (Xue Zheng) Epistaxis (nose bleeding) d/t LV Fireclear LV heat/fireDu27, LV1, KD1 (guides heat downwards), UB40, UB45, LV8.
Bleeding Disorders (Xue Zheng) Haematochezia (stools w/ blood) d/t SP/ST Qi Xutonify SP, hold the blood.Ren4, Ren6, ST36, SP3, UB35 (local pt)
Bleeding Disorders (Xue Zheng) Haematochezia (stools w/ blood) d/t LI Damp/Heatclear heat, resolve dampness, harmonize Ying/nutritive Qi, stop bleeding.Du1, UB32, UB57
Bleeding Disorders (Xue Zheng) Haematuria (blood in urine) d/t Yin Xu/KD Xu Firenourish yin, clear heat/drain fireKD10, KD3, Ren4, LV1
Bleeding Disorders (Xue Zheng) Haematuria (blood in urine) d/t HT Fireclear heat, drain fire from HT, harmonize Ying.Ren4 (front Mu of SI, use draining technique), HT3, PC8.


Question Answer Column 3
Fainting Disorders (Jue Zheng) d/t Qi Jue Excess-Du26, PC6, LV3. If clenched teeth, +ST6, LI4
Fainting Disorders (Jue Zheng) d/t Qi Jue Xu-Du20, Ren6, ST36
Fainting Disorders (Jue Zheng) d/t Xue Jue Excess-Du26, PC6, KD1, LV2
Fainting Disorders (Jue Zheng) d/t Xue Jue Xu-Du20, Ren6, Ren4
Fainting Disorders (Jue Zheng) d/t Phlegm (Tan) Jue-Du26, PC6, ST40, Ren14 (HT Mu).
Fainting Disorders (Jue Zheng) d/t Cold Jue-Ren8 with heavy moxa and topical Fu Zi. If incontinent diarrhea, +ST25.
Fainting Disorders (Jue Zheng) d/t Heat Jue-Use the 12 Jing‐Well points with bleeding, beginning with HT, PC and Yangming
Fainting Disorders (Jue Zheng) d/t Food Jue-Because this pattern is only due to Xu, treatment is tonification and moxa with the goal to rescue the devastated Yang. Do not reduce to open the orifices


Question Answer Column 3
Convulsion (Jing Zheng) d/t High Feverclear heat, nourish Yin, calm LV, extinguish wind. Use reducing manipulations.Du20, Du16, Du14, LV3, KD1, 12 Jing‐wells. These points focus on treating fever. Du8, SP6, KD3, UB20, GB34, LV3, ST36. Use these if Yin has been damaged by other factors such as dehydration
Convulsion (Jing Zheng) d/t Heat in Ying and XueClear heat from Ying/Xue levels, extinguish wind to stop convulsions.PC3, PC8, UB40, LV2, Shixuan, GB34. If intense heat, +Du14. If LOC, +Du26.
Convulsion (Jing Zheng) d/t Meridians Blocked by Pathogen-such as wind, cold, or damp. This is primarily an 'herbal pattern' and not a focus in this course.
Epilepsy (Xian Zheng/Dian Xian) d/t excessextinguish wind, resolve phlegm, drain fire, calm Shen. Use Ren & Du, LV/GB, ST.GB13, LV3, ST40, Du12, Ren15 (with caution). If acute flare, +Du26, HT7. If clenched teeth, +ST6. If worse at night, +KD6. If worse in day, +UB62.
Epilepsy (Xian Zheng/Dian Xian) d/t Xutonify HT, SP, KD and resolve phlegm. Focus on HT SP ST GB, back‐shu. Tonify and use moxa.HT5, PC5, ST40, GB34, Du8, UB23, SP6. If LoC, +KD1, moxa Ren6. In stable stage, +Du20, ST36, Ren12.


Question Answer Column 3
Channel Stroke (Zhong Feng) w/ Hemiplegiasoothe channels, regulate Qi/Blood.LI15, LI11, LI4, ST36, ST41, SJ5, GB30, GB34, UB60 (points focused around large joints). If upper limbs affected, +Du14, SI14. If lower limbs, +Du3, UB30. If spasm at wrist area, +PC7. At elbow, +PC3. Knee, +LV8. Ankle, +KD3. Fingers, +Baxie pts. Toes, +Bafeng. If speaking disrupted: +Ren23, HT5. If sublingual veins enlarged, +Jin Jin, Yu Ye. Avoid the use of plum‐blossom needling for Xu or diabetic patients. Tui Na is very important for this condition.
Channel Stroke (Zhong Feng) w/ Deviation Mouth/Eyessoothe channels, regulate Qi/Blood.Prefer LI, ST, UB pts. In early stage, treat ill side. Later stage, treat healthy side as well. ST1, ST4, ST6, GB14, UB2. Distal pts: LI4, ST44, UB60, SI6. These points are also appropriate for facial paralysis. Other appropriate pts: LV3, LI20
Organ Stroke (Zhong Feng) d/t Tense/Closed Syndrome (Bi)open the orifices. Use Du, Jue Yin, Yang Ming pts and the 12 Jing‐wells. Use reducing manipulations, consider bleeding methods.DU26, 12 Jing‐Well (bleed), ST40, PC8. When they have regained consciousness, stop using these aggressive pts and use Yintang, GB31, SP6. If clenched teeth, ST6, ST7. Slurred speech, +HT5, Du15, sublingual pts. If difficulty swallowing, +KD6, Ren22
Organ Stroke (Zhong Feng) d/t Flaccid Syndrome (Tou)rescue the devastated Yang. Use tonifying manipulations and heavy moxa. Favor Ren pts.Ren4 (meeting pt of Yin meridians), Ren8 (moxa only, use care not to cause burns if they are unconscious). If profuse oily sweat, +HT6. If hypersomnia, +UB62. If incontinence, +ST28, SP6, ST36. If Yang floating, heavy moxa on Du4, UB23, KD1 to guide Yang down