Internal Medicine - Tan Yin + Bleeding

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Tan Yin

DiseasesLocationPathogenesisChief Signs
Tan YinST + IntestinesSP-Yang-XuEpigastric fullness, borborygmus, vomiting of sputum foams
Xuan Yin (Pleural Effusion)HypochondriumLU-dysfunctionTwinge (sharp localized pain) in chest and hypochondrium, epigastric fullness and rigidity, retching (vomit)
Yi Yin (Anasarca)Overall bodyLU/SP-dysfunctionEdema and pain over the body, no sweating, dyspnea and cough
Zhi Yin (Excessive fluid in Hypochondrium and epigastrium)Chest / LULU-Qi-XuCough and dyspnea, inability to keep horizontal posture, white sputum in large amount.


Diseases/SDTx PrincipleAcu Formula
Haemoptysis d/t LIV-Fire attacking LUsoothe LIV, clear heat (LIV and LU), drain fire, harmonize the collaterals and stop bleeding (cool blood)BL-13/FeiShu, LU-10/YuJi, LIV-2/XingJian, P-8/LaoGong (if excess, reduce the son - fire pt in Fire meridian  - but we JueYin meridian instead)
Haemoptysis d/t LU-Yin-Xu w/ empty fire
Haemoptysis d/t LU-Heat (excess)
Haemoptysis d/t EPI - wind-heat-dryness
Haematemesis d/t ST-Heat
Haematemesis d/t LIV-Fire attacking ST
Haematemesis d/t SP/ST-Qi-Xu
Epistaxis d/t LU-Heat
Epistaxis d/t ST-Heat
Haematochezia d/t SP/ST-Qi-Xu
Haematochezia d/t LI-Damp-Heat
Haematuria d/t Yin-Xu / KID-Xu
Haematuria d/t HT-Fire


HaemoptysisLIV-Fire attacking LU, LU-Yin-Xu w/ empty fire, LU-Heat, EPI-wind-heat-dryness
HaematemesisST-Heat, LIV-Fire attacking ST, SP/ST-Qi-Xu
EpistaxisLU-Heat, ST-Heat
HaematocheziaSP/ST-Qi-Xu, LI-Damp-Heat
HaematuriaYin-Xu / KID-Xu, HT-Fire