Internal fixation kuschner

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Which type of bone are staples designed for, Cortical or Cancellous?cancellous
Do you typically find callous formation with rigid internal fixation?No, this generally indicates motion at the fracture/osteotomy site.
For fixation of an oblique fracture, should the screw fixation be perpendicular to the long axis of the bone or to the fracture line?To the bone (cortex); this will prevent movement sliding of the fragments on each other during axial loading.
What is the special design of a Herbert bone screw?It has no head and the pitch of the threads on either end of the screw is different from each other.
Should plate fixation lie on the compression side or on the tension side?Tension.
When utilizing plate fixation on a fracture, the screw should be located where on the screw hole?Eccentrically, away from the fracture site.
Name another fixation method besides screws and plates, which provides compression across a fracture line.Tension band wire.
What is the fixation device of choice for a fracture with soft tissue loss?External fixation.
Why is the proximal cortex ovcr drilled when using lag technique?To prevent distraction of the osteotomy and allow for compression.
What is the difference between cortical and cancellous screws?The pitch o f the screw (cortical is 1.25mm & cancellous is 1.75mm).
Lag technique is necessary when using a cannulated, partially threaded, cancellous screw. Tor F?