Interesting Vocabulary

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Interesting Latin vocabulary encountered.


Question Answer
stagnum, -ipool
imber, imbrisM. a rain storm; pelting rain
fallo, -ere, fefelli, falsumto deceive
prex, precis(usually plural) prayers
adducoto influence
posco, -ere, poposcito request, demand
orior, oriri, ortus sumto rise
imus, -a, -umlowest, bottom of
obviusto meet, in the way, against, exposed to
opus est mihi + abl.there is a need of, I need...
sucus, -ijuice
iūs, iūris, N.right, law (as in the Bill of Rights) (but remember the other iūs!) (page 223 M&F)
iūs, iūris, N.broth, soup, sauce (but remember the other iūs!) (page 223 M&F)
sollers, sollertisskilled, expert
inmeritus or immeritusundeserving of punishment or innocent
astus, -uscleverness, cunning
adstoto stand by/ready
mītis, -emild, soft, kind, gentle
in or immītis, -eharsh, cruel, stern
velor (vel...vel either...or)
haudnot at all
bellum gerereto wage war (97)
castra pōnereto pitch camp (101)
ā dextrō cornūon the right wing (of an army) (124)
ā sinistrō cornūon the left wing (of an army) (124)
impetum facere inwith acc. to make an attack on (124)
proelium committerejoin battle (126)
terga vertereturn their backs, i.e. retreat (126)
in fidem venīrecome under the protection (130)
primā luxdaybreak (130)
rēs gestaedeeds, exploits (130)
rēs adversaeadversity (130)
rēs secundaeprosperity (130)
supplicium sūmere dēwith abl. inflict punishment on (132)
supplicium daresuffer punishment (132)
iter daregive a right of way, allow to pass (in glossary)
iter faceremarch (in glossary)
sē reciperebetake oneself, withdraw, retreat (148)
simul atqueas soon as (152)
plūrimum valēreto be most powerful, have great influence (152)
in fugam dareput to flight (153)
cōgō, -erecollect; compel
agmen, agminisline of march, column
prīmum agmenthe van
novissimum agmenthe rear
dēdō, -eresurrender, give up
subsequorfollow close after
cōnscendō, -ereclimb up, ascend
nāvem cōnscendereembark, go on board
crūstulumpastry, cake
excipiōwelcome, receive
famēs, -ishunger (abl. famē)
frequentō, -āreattend
īnsignis, -eremarkable, noted
negōtiumbusiness, affair, matter
aliqui negōtium dareto employ someone
pedesteradj. on foot; by land
pedetemptimby feeling one's way, gradually, carefully, cautiously
reficiōmake again, repair
sē reficererefresh oneself
sitis, -isthirst (acc. sitim, abl. sitī)
situssituated, placed, lying
nāvem solvereset sail
nemus, nemoris (N)grove, wood
praesertimespecially, chiefly
incautusoff one's guard
obsideō, -ērebesiege
nēveand not, and that not, and lest
aliquem certiōrem facereto inform someone
certior fierīto be informed
obsidēs inter sē dareto give hostages to each other
alīcuī negōtium dareto employ someone
novīs rēbus studēreto be eager for a revolution
reī mīlitāris perītissimusvery skillful in the art of war
sē suaque omniathemselves and all their possessions
postrīdiē eius diēīon the next day
initā aestāteat the beginning of summer
memoriā tenēreto remember
per explōrātōrēs cognōscereto learn through scouts
graviter or molestē ferrebe annoyed/indignant at (followed by accusative and infinitive)
sē cōnferre ad/in(with the accusative) to betake oneself to
alicui bellum īnferreto make war upon someone
pedem referreto retreat
dē tertiā vigiliāabout the third watch
iniūriās alicui īnferreto inflict injuries upon someone
facere verba prōto speak on behalf of
in reliquum tempusfor the future
cōnsilium omittereto give up a plan
locum castrīs dēligereto choose a place for a camp
alicui magnō ūsuī esseto be of great advantage to someone
prīstinusadj. former, previous, early, original
mīlitō, -āreto serve as a soldier
Helvētiīs in animō estthe Helvetii intend...
in mātrimōnium dareto give in marriage
nihil posseto have no power
fossam perdūcereto construct a ditch
nequeō, -īre, -īvīopposite of possum
admodumcompletely, quite, wholly
ensis, -isM. sword
displiceōto displease (+ dat.)
intereōto be lost from among, perish, die
consultōdeliberately, on purpose
consultēadvisedly, after consideration
festīnō, -āreto hasten, to hurry; trans. to accelerate, to hasten
adipīscor, adipiscī, adeptusto come up with, arrive at, reach, overtake; attain, get, acquire, obtain
advesperascitevening approaches!
plērumqueas adv. for the most part, mostly, generally, commonly
sperno, -ere, sprēvī, sprētumto reject, despise, scorn, spurn
insector (1)(just like what a mosquito does) follow closely, pursue, harry, also pursue with harsh words, reproach, abuse, rail at
sērō[too] late
ēmolumentum(from emolo, to grind away) the result of effort; gain, advantage
mendaciunculuma little lie
satelles, -itisguard, attendant, companion; plur. escort, suite, train (can be either masc. or fem.)
perīclitor (1)to try, make a trial, venture, to risk, try, test, prove, put to the test
sānēsurely, admittedly, to be sure (as an answer to a question)
erusmaster (of a house); owner; lord (of a god)