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Cosndey 2003Forests enhance evaporation through deeper root systems (more efficient storage in summer period) and greater loss through interception than in other vegetation due to advective energy
Zhang et al 1999Increased evapotranspiration in forested areas compared to grassed catchments
Interception lossWater stored on canopy surface + evaporation from a wet canopy
Zhang 1999Large variation in interception loss amongst different vegetation types (penman-Monteith equation)
Monteith 1965Evaporation rates from wet forest canopies may be several times higher than dry canopies


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Moor 1976Net radiation for forests is higher due to lower albedo, pine 24% higher than nearby grassland
Precipitation =Q (runoff) +E(Evaporation) =/- changes in storage
Water budgetMade up of precipitation, evaporation, transpiration of vegetation, release of water vapour and surface flow
McMilland and Burgy 1960No difference between evaporation of wetted foliage and transpiration of unwetted grass
Gerten et al 2004Composition and distribution of plant communities are of fundamental importance for evapotransiration and runoff generation