Integumentary system

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The epidermis The most superficial layer of the skin, composed of stratified squamous epithelium. It is separated from the dermis ( the deep layer) by the basement membrane.not having a direct blood supply, the ___ relies on nutrients in the interstitial fluid that have diffused from the capillaries located in the dermis
Keratinocytesmake up 90% of the epidermis; they lie in many distinct layers and produce a tough, fibrous protein called keratin. keratin helps protect the skin from heat.
Melanocytesare pigment cells that are responsible for the color of the skin. ____ forms 8% of all skin cells and manufacture the pigment melanin.
Merkel cellsare specialized cells found predominantly in the skin of the digits, lips, and around hair follicles. these cells are in close contact with touch receptors and stimulate these sensory nerve endings.
Langerhans cellsare a type of immune cells involved in defense mechanisms. these cells protect the skin from pathogens and destroy abnormal cells that are present on the skin, such as cancer cells. they play a role in allergic skin reactions, their function is impaired by ultraviolet radiation.
Dermisis the connective tissue layer that lies deep to the epidermis. accessory structures, such as sweat glands and hair follicles, are located in the _________. it also contains a network of blood vessels; Lymphatic vessels are also presented in abundance in this layer, along with numerous nerve endings and nerves that convey various sensations from the skin to the central nervous system.