Integumentary flashcard Quiz #2

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Section 1

Question Answer
Abscess Localized accumulation of pus
Bleb Small blister
Blister, bulla Large lesion filled with fluid
Cicatrix Scar
Nodule Small, visible knot protruding above the skin
Pallor Paleness of skin
Acne Inflammation of skin caused by plugging of sebaceous glands with development of papules and pustules
Allergic dermatitis Skin inflammation caused by an allergy
Contact dermatitis Skin inflammation caused by contact with various allergy producing substances
Decubitus ulcer Skin surface lesion resulting from pressure
Eczema General term for chronic or acute dermatitis
Frostbite Tissue damage caused by exposure to extreme cold
Urticaria Skin reaction, usually allergic, ith heals and pruritis

Section 2

Question Answer
Wheal Round, smooth, slightly elevated lesion-evident of allergy
Chiggers Infestation with mite larvae causing pruritis
Pediculosis Infestation by lice
Malignant melanoma Cancerous skin disease
Autograft Skin graft that comes from the patients on body
Heterograft Skin graft that comes rom another animal
Skin graft Surgical procedure that transports skin from one location to another
Biopsy Removal of tissue for microscopic examination