Integumentary 2

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What are the usual characteristics of dermatitis?Erythemic, scaly lesions, oily, flakey, and dry
Where is dermatitis usually located? More common in which temperature?Scalp, eyebrow, nose, ears, sternal area, and axillae. Cold
What is the therapeutic mgmt for dermatitis? 3Scalp treatment, Selenium sulfide 2.5% suspension, topical steroid cream
What is actinic keratoses?premalignant skin lesions that develop in chronically sun-exposed areas of the body
Actinic keratoses may gradually transform into what?squamous cell carcinoma
What is the therapeutic mgmt of actinic keratosis?Protection of UV rays and biopsy and removal of lesions
What is the most common type of skin cancer?Basal cell carcinoma
Which skin cancer is least aggressive?Basal Cell Carcinoma
What does Nodular basal cell carcinoma look like?Small, firm papule, pearly white, pink, or flesh colored- most common on face, neck and head
What does superficial basal cell carcinoma look like?Small firm papule, pearly white, pink, or flesh colored- on trunk or extremities
Which skin cancer is most concerning and why?SCC is of greater concern than BCC because it is a truly invasive carcinoma, metastasizing by the blood or lymphatic system
Which skin cancer is most lethal?Melanoma
What are the ABCD of melanoma?Asymmetrical, Borders- irregular, Color, Diameter
What is impetigo? What does it look like?Superficial skin infection and is contagious. They begin as small, red macules, which quickly become discrete, thin-walled vesicles that rupture and become covered with a loosely adherent honey-yellow crust. These crusts are easily removed to reveal smooth, red, moist surfaces on which new crusts soon develop
Medication for impetigo?Topical and systemic antibiotics
What are the usual characteristics of cellulitis?Erythemic, swollen, tender to touch area of skin, and regional lympadenopathy
What are the systemic signs of cellulitis?Fever, chills, pain, and anorexia
Medical and therapeutic mgmt of cellulitis? What happens if pt develops Red Man syndrome?Oral antibiotic for mild case. IV antibiotic is severe. Give benadry and vanc slow if redman syndrome appears. Rest and elevate affected body part. Moist heat to site for comfort.
What is the difference of HSV type 1 and 2Type 1 is oral mucosa Type 2 is genital mucosa.
How is HSV spread and what is the incubation period?Spread by direct contact of body fluids. Incubation period is 2-14 days.
What is Pediculosis Capitis?infestation of the scalp by the head louse.
How are Lice nits removed? What if lice is on eyelash?Nits are removed mechanically. Use 50/50 white vinegar to loosen nits. If the eyelashes are involved, petrolatum may be thickly applied twice daily for 8 days, followed by mechanical removal of any remaining nits
What part of the day is scabies itching most severe?increased itching that occurs during the overnight hours, perhaps because the increased warmth of the skin has a stimulating effect on the parasite.

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